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Old 09-04-15, 05:02 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2013
Ordering directly from RaviAna

Has anyone else here had issues ordering directly from their site? I placed an order on 8/19 and never received a shipping notice. On Monday, I contacted them to let them know I have not received my order and to either let me know when they will send it, or to forward me a shipping notice. I received no response, other than a bulk email saying that the pre-order DVD was coming soon, or something to that effect, but that's not what I ordered. I then opened a dispute with PayPal. That prompted an email from someone named Eric saying that I should close the dispute and tell PayPal I would be receiving the DVD. Why would I do that when I still have no idea where it is, or when/if it was shipped? I thought that was very strange and unprofessional. They have yet to respond to my request for a shipping notice or a status update.

Has anyone else had problems with ordering directly from them?
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Old 09-04-15, 08:07 AM  
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Location: Colorado
I have ordered from them a number of times, though it's usually been pre-orders. I only had a problem once and I don't remember what the problem was (defective DVD maybe?) but I remember that Ravi called me! That was a long time ago. ...I think I have never gotten shipping notices though.

I hope you can resolve your problem. That email from Eric seems unprofessional.
- Laura

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Old 09-04-15, 08:36 AM  
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My theory is that Ravi and Ana are using a different distributor now that they've left NYC. I've never had a problem, personally. I would email Ravi and Ana directly and they will take care of it. - they take good care of their customers. Good luck!
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Old 09-04-15, 07:38 PM  
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I ordered a bunch of dvds and never got the shipping notice.after 10 days I emailed and they said he checked and they were shipped. After a few days I asked for the shipping link abd he said he could not find took me a month to have them ship my dvds and have the shipping notice. I don't remember all the details but I believe at least some of the emails were from Eric.

disclosure : i have a relationship with a video instructor Peace
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Old 09-07-15, 07:13 AM  
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Thanks for the feedback and the assistance!
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