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Old 04-18-15, 06:23 AM  
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Originally Posted by yahoo205 View Post
Sherry, can you recommend any specific segments? Thanks.
For the last 3 days, I didn't leave enough time for Kundalini and just wound up not doing it.
Gladgirl very kindly attached Ravi and Ana's response to a question that was similar to yours. Earlier in this thread, Sherry advised looking at Amazon reviews that include the menus. LaCatrina advised exploring the DVDs you already have. These are excellent suggestions.

By your own admission you have "pretty much all the Raviana kundalini yoga DVDs." You are asking people on this board to do a lot of work for you that you could do yourself. Familiarize yourself with DVDs you already have, pick out kriyas or premixes that resonate with you, and do them consistently.

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Disclosure: I have a personal relationship with a fitness instructor who has appeared in some videos.
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Old 04-18-15, 07:03 AM  
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Thank you, Betsy! Honestly, I think all the weight loss segments have been mentioned. As far as favorite other segments, my favorites would not be the same as your favorites . I mean that in a kind way The only way to figure out which ones you like are to try them out and take notes on which ones you really enjoyed.

I totally understand being overwhelmed with choices-I have the same issue. I have a ton of kundalini yoga, and sometimes I do the same segments I know I like instead of exploring ones I have not tried yet.

Look at it as a fun way to try out your dvds. You can mix and match segments endlessly between the warm up and ending meditations .

"Say you are tired and you will be. Believe you are strong and you are." (Sean O'Malley)

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Old 04-18-15, 07:46 AM  
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A little shorter, but aren't the warm ups on the Ravianas quite invigorating and short? Then maybe add a meditation? I'm just starting out with kundalini so maybe its not a good idea but I do feel they get the energy going.
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Old 04-18-15, 10:04 AM  
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I know it would be best to just take the time and figure out what segments, DVDs are best for me and that someone else's favorites may not be my own. I was just looking for opinions. Thanks to everyone on this thread for for all your input.
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Old 04-18-15, 10:22 AM  
Jo FitFan
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Check out the Quick Set (premix) menu on both Dr. Yoga House Calls and Quick Fixes - the titles of the premixes describe the focus, and the times are listed (I think they're all in your time frame).

I love doing the Energy warm-up on Dr. Yoga House Calls (14 minutes) and adding Immune Invigorator (7 min), or if I have more time I add Heart Helper, Breast Cancer Prevention, and then Immune Invigorator (conveniently all in a row). I also love the warm-up on Quick Fixes, and add whatever feels right for the day, one segment I particularly like is Digestible You.

You'll start to see what feels best for you, but I don't think you can go wrong with any of their dvds. Enjoy!

Sat nam

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Old 04-18-15, 01:31 PM  
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I love the Fat Free Ones and the Quick Fixes or Dr. House Call! You can do as little or much as you like. They are the most used in my collection.

I just wanted to add that I just wrote to Ravi and Ana as I had a question about more practices for back pain for my DH and I.....and I asked her if KY really does all of the things they say in the practices since it seems so simple...yet it is so profound....and here is what she wrote back:

Thanks for writing. Kundalini Yoga is as miraculous as it seems and even though it seems simple, it's actually the product of thousands of years of research and development! K. Yoga definitely does all the things we claim. We not just passing on information we've learned, but talking from our own experience.

I know it makes me feel good, but if I'm getting all of those benefits they speak of on top of the way I feel, that's even better.

I've been practicing KY for about 20 years now off and on, but recently I've been practicing daily and I love it!!
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Old 04-18-15, 03:50 PM  
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Recently I discovered that Maya Fiennes' Yoga for Real Life DVD could easily be converted into a series of satisfying 20-25 minute workouts. YFRL is a journey-through-the-chakras type of practice, but it didn't quite work for me, done in one fell swoop. However, done piecemeal--warmup plus one chakra set per day)--I love it.

There's a bit of a learning curve to navigate the DVD. It isn't chaptered according to each Kriya's exact start, and there's no "episode select" menu, but on the KY Checkin, poster in paris gave a breakdown of the section start times:

TUNE IN 00:53:16
WARM UP 02:00:05
TUNE OUT 58:11:00

Each chakra gets approx. 6-8 minutes. The warmup is approx. 10 minutes. I usually add my own short meditation and relaxation for a 20-25 min. workout. This length is perfect when I want to do KY in the evenings or to combine athletic and/or stretch workouts with my KY practice.
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Old 04-19-15, 08:33 AM  
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To these just add Tune In, Meditation & Closing Prayer.

"Fat Free" :
Start Your Engines 13 min.
Fight Fire w/Fire 21 min.
Your Life is in Your Own Glands 11 min.

"Happy Hormones":
Warm Up Pt.1 23 min.
Warm Up Pt 2 10 min.
Happy Hormone Pt 1 10 min.
Happy Hormone Pt 2 12 min.

"Yoga Beauty Body":
Yoga Set Part 1 19 min.
Yoga Set Part 2 16 min.

"Green Energy":
W U Set 1 16 min.
Green Energy Set 1 20 min.
Green Energy Set 2 19 min.

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Old 04-19-15, 10:33 AM  
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Not currently a fan of RaviAna, so I can't help you there.

Thanks to Sherry7899, I have discovered Nirvair Singh. He has a Weight Loss with Kundalini Yoga DVD that has a 35-minute gentle practice. Plus, other sections.

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Old 04-21-15, 07:40 PM  
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Alta-so glad you are enjoying Nirvair!

To the OP: I really enjoy the "Balance and Joy" practice from Yoga Quick Fixes. I remembered that one when I pulled out the dvd and scanned through the menu. I forget if it is under "Quick Sets" or "Presets" or something like that.

"Say you are tired and you will be. Believe you are strong and you are." (Sean O'Malley)

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detox, fat loss, kundalini, nirvair singh, raviana, weight loss

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