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Old 02-23-20, 07:46 PM  
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Originally Posted by Vintage VFer View Post
Since waaaay back in the VHS days, there have been warnings at the beginning of the video by the FBI or Interpol about the illegality of copying and distributing the video, aka Piracy.

Both Poland and the USA are members of Interpol. Interpol is a crime-fighting organization that covers most of the world. Counterfeiting intellectual property is an international crime.

This information is old news. If one chooses to ignore that, it is a personal choice. But, don't go on a public forum, which is searchable on Google, and ask folks to commit a crime. Don't act like you don't know it's a crime.

I believe Kasia wanted to use our PM system to keep under the radar. As it was only "streaming content or copied videos" to be sent via email, no home address would be provided.

If I've made the wrong call, I'll be the first to apologize. Of course, her profile page has no way to contact her.

I doubt this post would discourage new members as we all live in the new world of digital property.

It might discourage a scammer though!
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Thanks for sharing the information now, katmom. It was, after all, 2 years ago and even if the situation sounded familiar you couldn't know for sure it was the same user name until you saw the PM. You don't have to defend yourself for not sharing it earlier when you weren't sure it was related. Thanks for helping resolve suspicion.
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