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Old 03-12-11, 11:26 PM  
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Where can I find details of the exercises on different Raviana dvds?

I know I've seen them somewhere before, but I can't seem to find them

I have almost all of their dvds, and I'd gotten away from them for a while. I'm not sure why...I've always enjoyed doing them, as well as the way they make me feel afterward. I think it's a case of "too many workouts, too little time," and I've recently been doing a lot of qi gong.

But I have gotten the newest Ravianas and have enjoyed the segments I've done so far...I think I want to ramp up my Kundalini again...the trouble is...I can't remember what's what!! I've got so many segments that I remember being my favorites, but I don't know what dvd to pull out to find them. It would be so helpful to see lists of what exercises are in each one so as to jog my memory. I know they exist...don't they?? I know I've seen them...or maybe I'm just crazy

Thanks for any info!!
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Old 03-13-11, 09:44 AM  
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Meg, I'm not sure about detailed exercise lists, but I've done fairly detailed reviews for some of the DVDs, and so have others--have you checked out the Reviews section? Also, although some of the reviews on Amazon simply laud how great Ana & Ravi are, there are a few reviewers there who have posted fairly detailed breakdowns as well.
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Old 03-17-11, 02:26 AM  
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I've made a list 2 days ago for the ones I have, using the reviews (many from Beth ) here & on Amazon:

Yoga Quick Fixes
*Tune In
*Breath Primer
*Power Surge Warm-Ups (14 minutes)
*Yoga Quick Fixes
- Positive PMS (10 minutes)
- So Long Sciatica (7 minutes)
- Delete Depression (16 minutes)
- Digestible You (9 minutes)
- Asthma No More (5 minutes)
- Soothe Stress Free Fatigue (8 minutes)
- Maximize Memory (6 minutes)
- Headache Helper (6 minutes)
- Anxiety Antidote (10 minutes)
- On the Spot Addiction Alternative (16 minutes)
- Sleep Easy (6 minutes)
*Yoga Quick Sets
- Energy to Burn (12 minutes)
- Flexibility & Strength (11 minutes)
- All Systems Go! (17 minutes)
- Balance & Joy (16 minutes)
- Kundalini Yoga Superset (22 minutes)
*Deep Relaxation (6 minutes)
*3 Amazing Meditations
- Amazing Minute Breath (6 minutes)
- So Darshan Chakra Kriya (3 minutes)
- Sa-Ta-Na-Ma Meditation (14 minutes)
*Closing Prayer

Fat Free –Lose weight and feel great
* Start Your Engines
* Fight Fire With Fire
* No-impact Aerobics.
* Your life is in your own glands.
* 2 meditations(for calming & emotional balance)

Fat Free – Total Tune-ups
*Warm Up & Open Up
*Firm & Affirm
*Burn Baby Burn
*Raise Yourself Up

Yoga Bliss Hips
Quick Bliss (20 min)
Quick Hips (30 min)
Mood Uplift Workout (40 min)
Hip Release/Heart Opening (45 min)

Dr. Yoga House Call
*Energy Warm-Ups (14 minutes)
*Dr. Yoga Remedy Options
-Fertility & Potency (10m),
-Bye Bye Back Pain (11m),
-Strong Bones & Muscle Tone(13m),
-Anti-Arthritis (9m),
-Heart Helper (12m),
-Breast Cancer Prevention (4m),
-Immune Invigorator (7m),
-Brain Booster (13m),
-Eagle Eyes (10m),
-Inflammation Relief (6m)
*Dr. Yoga Quick Sets
-Move Your Energy Move Your Life! (10m),
-Flexible & Free (16m),
-Strong as Steel(13m),
-Health & Happiness (16m),
-Kundalini Yoga Superset (34m)
*Deep Relaxation
*3 Amazing Meditations (same as in Quick Fixes)
*Closing Prayer

Yoga Beauty Body
*Yoga Set 1 (17 minutes)
*Yoga Set 2 (16 minutes)
"Magnificent Seven," according to yoga, are essential for to do everyday. Exercises on this DVD include, Locust Pose, Bow Pose, Camel Pose, Stretch Pose, Shoulder Stand and Baby Pose. Other exercises include, Chair Pose, Wide-Legged Cobra Push-Ups, Plow Pose, two intense arm / shoulder exercises, as well as a deep relaxation. There is also a meditation for inner and outer balance.

Yoga for Beginners & Beyond Stretch, Strengthen, Be Stress Free
*Chapter Selections
*Design your own Workout Matrix Menu Option
*Matrix Tutorial
*Pre-Set Selections

Sample Routines
*Sample Routine ONE for Beginners (62)
*Sample Routine TWO for Beginners (50)
*Sample Routine THREE for Beginners (52)
More Sample Routines
*Creative Sequencing Routine ONE (53)
*Creative Sequencing Routine TWO (55)
*Creative Sequencing Routine THREE (1hr, 25m)

Chapter Selection breakdown
*Introduction/Tune-In (3:00)
*Standing Warm-Ups (6:00)
*Yoga Salutations for Beginners & Beyond/The Challenge (17:35)
*Hamstrings & Hips (9:45)
*Hips & Lower Back (7:00)
*Nerve Strength & Core Power (12:00)
*Upper Back, Neck & Shoulder Strengthen & Stretch (7:30)
*Deep Relaxation (4:35)
*Be Stress Free Meditation (6:20)
*Sat Nam Chant (5:45)
*Closing Prayer (2:55)
*Breath Primer with Energy Breath (5:00)
*Energy Breath (0:30)
*Posture Primer (6:15)
*Chair Exercises (7:35)

Yoga for Beginners & Beyond
*Rise Spine (25 min)
*Five Tibetans (25 min)
*Meditation and deep relaxation

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Old 03-17-11, 06:57 AM  
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These are the breakdowns for almost all of the ones I have. Val's Yoga for Beginners & Beyond must be the Kundalini Yoga for B&B. Mine is the other one.

Yoga for Beginners and Beyond:

*Introduction/Tune-In (3:00)
*Standing Warm-Ups (6:00)
*Yoga Salutations for Beginners & Beyond/The Challenge (17:35)
*Hamstrings & Hips (9:45)
*Hips & Lower Back (7:00)
*Nerve Strength & Core Power (12:00)
*Upper Back, Neck & Shoulder Strengthen & Stretch (7:30)
*Deep Relaxation (4:35)
*Be Stress Free Meditation (6:20)
*Sat Nam Chant (5:45)
*Closing Prayer (2:55)
*Breath Primer with Energy Breath (5:00)
*Energy Breath (0:30)
*Posture Primer (6:15)
*Chair Exercises (7:35)

Yoga Beauty Body

*Introduction (1)
*Tune In (just under 2.5)
*Breath Primer (4)
*Warm-Ups (4)--stomach grinds, ragdoll
*Yoga Set 1 (17)--baby, baby w/raised head, rock pose (hero), deep lunge, reclined rock, chair, butterfly with rocking and forward bend, hip raises, rolling, locust, bow (2x), rest, lying supine with legs raised 6 inches with BOF
*Yoga Set 2 (16)--move legs in and out while lying supine, rolling, pushups in cobra, seated arm circles, camel, kneeling forward bend, shoulder stand, plow, rolling, cobra with wide legs, rest, baby's pose, sat kriya *Deep Relaxation (3)
*Meditation (4.5)--lying on stomach, "play" fingers mantra while repeating sa ta na ma *Closing Prayer (1)

Fat Free Yoga

*Breath Primer (4:28)
*Tune In (3:11)
*Energizing Breath Exercise (4:28)
*Start Your Engines (13:27)
*Fight Fire with Fire (21:31)
*No Impact Aerobics (12:45)
*Your Life is in Your Own Glands (11:37)
*Deep Relaxation (3:11)
*Teapot Meditation (3:42)
*Meditation to Transform Emotions (7:52)
*Closing Prayer (2:24)

Yoga Quick Fixes

*Power Surge Warm-ups (14)
*Quick Fixes:
• Positive PMS (10)
• So Long Sciatica (7)
• Delete Depression (16)
• Digestible You (9)
• Asthma No More (5)
• Soothe Stress Free Fatigue (8)
• Maximize Memory (6)
• Headache Helper (6)
• Anxiety Antidote (10)
• On the Spot Addiction Alternative (16)
• Sleep Easy (6)
*Quick Sets:
• Energy To Burn (12)
• Flexibility and Strength (11)
• All Systems Go! (17)
• Balance and Joy (16)
• Kundalini Superset (22)
*Deep Relaxation (6)
*Amazing Minute Breath
*So Darshan Chakra Kriya
*Sa-Ta-Na-Ma Meditation


*Breath Primer (4:36)
*Tune In (2:39)
*Warrior Warm-Ups (22:56)
*Warrior Cardio (13:40)
*Warrior Cardio Cleanse (22:59)
*Deep Relaxation (3:06)
*Warrior Mantra Meditation (6:41)
*Closing Prayer (2:14)

Meditation for Beginners and Beyond

*Intro (1:45)
*Tune In & Basic Sat Nam Meditation (3:40)
*Breath Purification Series (14:20)
*Opening the Third Eye (6:35)
*All & Everything Meditation (11)
*Eliminate Stress & Self Bless (9:20)
*Meditation for Tranquility (8)
*Rewrite the Book of Your Life (11)
*Meditation for Total Regeneration (5:30)
*Deep Meditation into Stillness (10:25)
*Guided Relaxation (5:38)
*Beautiful Healing Mantra Chant (6:40)
*Closing Prayer (1:15)
*Preset Selections
• Beginners Start Here (44)
• Breathing Superset (45)
• AM Meditation Series (49)
• PM Meditation Series (50)
• Emotion to Devotion (48)
• Good Karma (32)

AM – PM Yoga

*Intro (1:09)
*Tune In (2:23)
*Warm Ups (11:02)
*Morning Wake Up Series (11:16)
*Sat Kriya & Relaxation (4:25)
*PM Yoga Set (15:45)
*Deep Relaxation with Gong (4:55)
*Mantra Chant for Calmness & an Open Heart (5:28)
*Closing Prayer (1:38)
*Breath Primer (4:25)
*AM Breath Exercise for Youth & Vitality (3:42)
*AM Chakra Activation Meditation Primer (1:58)
*AM Chakra Activation Meditation (9:19)
*Stress Free Breathing Exercise to Release the Day (4:08)
*Before Bed Meditation (10:20)
*Preset Selections
• AM Yoga & Meditation (38)
• AM Chakra Activation (20)
• PM Yoga & Meditation (33)
• PM Breathing & Meditation (22)
• Kundalini Yoga Superset (49)
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Old 03-17-11, 07:34 AM  
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Can you only buy the Raviana DVD's on their site? I didn't see any at totalfitnessdvds or collage.
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Old 03-17-11, 08:23 AM  
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They are all available on Amazon.

I think Mary has "Yoga Beauty Body" on the "going going gone" section at total fitness dvds.

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Old 08-15-19, 05:50 PM  
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Old 08-16-19, 09:59 PM  
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I have breakdowns for all but one of the Raviana DVDS on my blog. You can find them HERE. I plan to have the AM/PM breakdown up soon. I added info on the sets and want to add really short descriptions of the chapters.

I’m constantly looking up chapters and times in order to create matrix mixes and just wanted it all in one place. Feel free to make use of it.
See my profile for info on relationships with various video distributors.

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ana brett, kundalini, kundalini yoga, ravi singh, raviana, raviana breakdowns, raviana chapters

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