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Old 02-01-18, 10:29 AM  
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Jari Love 1000 #3 - Questions

Has anyone tried this dvd yet? What are your opinions? I see there are many compound moves, but are there a ton of lunges? What intensity would you put this at?

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Old 02-01-18, 04:18 PM  
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I think there was another thread on this somewhere, but now that I've done this one a few times, I have a firmer opinion. I've done the entire workout, cardio alternating with weights, three times now. It can be split into Cardio only and Weights only, but no other premixes.

There are some lunges, I would not say a ton.

As for intensity, I don't think it's as tough as 1000#1 (which I didn't really like that much), but I actually prefer this newer one and it is hard, depending on your weight selection and whether you use a step or not.

Jari incorporates the step more for the weight segments than the cardio in the first part of the workout, but the latter part she uses the step for cardio as well. All could be modified (easily I think) if you don't have a step, but I do and I used it. This definitely increases the intensity, particularly in the last few cardio segments.

Jari seemed more relaxed in this one than some of the others, maybe because it was filmed in her home, maybe because she's received comments in the past that she seemed a bit aloof. I like the set much better than the industrial look of the earlier workouts, much brighter and more encouraging to me than the dungeon sets.

Some have mentioned the bell that sounds between sets, but it didn't bother me at all during the workout.

Overall I give it a thumbs up. It's supplanted my former favorite---"Ripped to the Core."
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Old 02-01-18, 08:52 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Michigan
Thank you very much for your feedback! I think Iíll order it!
You only have ONE chance to make a first impression.
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Old 02-02-18, 02:57 AM  
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i agree with cataddict, and i am surprised that she also likes RTTC like me. RTTC is my second favorite Jari workout next to her original Ripped.

i also like 1000 #3! the bell doesn't bother me - it's more like a low-pitched chime and seemed to blend in with the music. i didn't realize that's what VFers were referring to. i agree too that Jari is calm in this one and i like her 2 cast members. the setting is nice - that's what led me to acquire it - a big change over the dark stage.

i did the cardio pre-mix, and it was enjoyable.

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