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Old 07-06-18, 08:24 PM  
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Originally Posted by View Post
How is it considered an attack to ask for a descriptive thread title so that we would know what we are getting into for clicking on a thread? If I would have known I would have either avoided the thread or braced myself so as not to get drowned and washed out by someone's problems. The thread title says nothing about the content.

I don't know why asking for such a small thing is considered an attack. Orr why respecting this as a really simple easy to achieve boundry would be so offensive. But now i know what is in this thread and I know better than to expect to be respected by fellow VFers. None of you know what I am going through right now, and it doesnt seem like you care even enough to expect a thread title modified.

Thank you. Good bye.
Nobody has said the OP has been attacked. Some don't think the title of the thread needs to be changed. It's clear from the beginning of her post that it's personal, and it's labeled off topic. There have been threads that I realized I could not contribute to and figured it out quickly into the post and just walked away from it. It's simple to do, particularly as the total number of threads has decreased over the past years.

We have all dealt with a lot in our lives, and some choose this place to share certain details, and some don't. I don't expect that others here should change their titles or posts because they unintentionally cause me discomfort or pain.

I'm sorry for any difficulty you are going through, best wishes to you.
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Old 07-06-18, 08:42 PM  
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Originally Posted by View Post
None of you know what I am going through right now, and it doesnt seem like you care even enough to expect a thread title modified.
I'm sorry you're apparently going through a difficult time in your life too, but it doesn't excuse you or give you the right to be insensitive to someone else's problems or pain.
Being able to say what you want is something most people support............until you say what others don't want to hear.
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Old 07-06-18, 08:47 PM  
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While I am sympathetic when a VFer has a difficult situation and needs advice, this thread has become both OT and contentious so I am closing it here. If you have support or advice to offer, please send it privately to the OP. Thanks.
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off topic, sensitive topic

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