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Old 04-08-18, 01:58 PM  
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Finishing WS3, 21DF or 80DO?

I am finishing up the last week of Jessica's Walk Strong 3 rotation this week. I promised myself a fitness reward if I finished (this is only my second rotation that I have ever finished and the first was years ago and only 30 days).

I was eyeing up a BBOD membership, thinking of doing either 21 Day Fix or 80 Day Obsession next and I wanted to get some opinions.

I like the 30 minute format of the Jessica's I've been doing. I think it has helped keep me consistent since I workout at 4:45 in the morning and 30 minutes sounds way more doable than 60, This pushes me toward 21DF, but the changing of the 80DO workouts every day and the longer rotation sounds interesting to me.

Will 80 DO be too hard for me (both time and effort wise)? I usually follow Beth or Jessica if that helps for my fitness level. I was hoping for opinions from people who have done both.

As a related question (and I hope this doesn't veer too far into diet territory), how helpful/necessary are the colored containers if I wanted to follow the eating plan?

Or do you think I should just reward myself with filling out my Jessica collection with the ones I don't have.


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