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Old 03-22-18, 06:43 AM  
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Barre3 is having a 50% off of a streaming subscription sale this week. There is also a sale on DVDs and other merchandise.
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Old 03-22-18, 09:41 AM  
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Just when I thought I was done with Barre3 they offer up a sale! I love everything about the site, the studio, the layout, but have to remind myself that their workouts include a lot of bending at the knees.
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Old 03-22-18, 08:43 PM  
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Barre3 workout DVDs $3 each + $5.75 S&H?!?

Wow, they've got six diff workout DVDs listed at $3 each. But S&H for one DVD is $5.75 or $6.45 for two DVDs to Calif.

My wallet is safe for now, I'm finding barre aggravates my joints (sigh).
Dawn P.
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Old 03-22-18, 09:25 PM  
Joni O
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Check YouTube. Standing Slim is there, as well as several others.
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Old 03-23-18, 09:53 AM  
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I bought all six DVDs back in December and paid somewhere around $9 S&H - but for all the $3 DVDs it was worth it to me. I have been using the Glow prenatal DVD a ton lately - it's just such a wonderful stretch, not very "barre-like" to me. Even though I am pregnant, I can definitely see myself doing this on off days as a gentle stretch after my pregnancy. It might be one to consider if you have knee/joint issues and typically stay away from barre.
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Old 06-05-18, 03:12 PM  
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For Barre3 fans, there is a new vimeo channel
Barb S
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