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Old 09-24-17, 08:27 AM  
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What fitness routine changed your body?

What fitness routine have you done that made you see changes in your body, such as increased muscle growth and definition? How long did it take for you to see changes?
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Old 09-24-17, 08:50 AM  
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Woodstock NY
Definitely the early classic Firms. I did their 90 Day Rotation many times with very good results. FeFit. I did fit into my Skinny jeans after doing their challenges. I slimmed down and gained definition. Tracy Anderson. Omni..slimmer thighs, better definition. Overall slimmer and more defined.
Cathe STS gained strength and bigger muscles. Happy with the strength gain but not happy with arms and thighs that did not fit into my clothes.
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Old 09-24-17, 09:10 AM  
Garrie A.
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I got in my best shape with two particular rotations:

3 Firms per week (Classics and/or Tortoises)
2 cardio sessions of choice (either a Firm cardio or Hare workout, Kathy Smith's Weight Loss Workout, Karen Voight's Energy Sprint, or the cardio from Strong & Smooth Moves) + mat Pilates (10MS Pilates, Ana Caban, Mari Winsor, or Jennifer Kries)
1 long fusion or yoga workout (long Jennifer Kries Method workout, or Kathy Smith's New Yoga) mid-week

Once every other Sunday I would do Karen Voight's Energy Sprint (as a Cardio session), which helped increase my cardio capacity.

Another rotation that gave me great results, both functionally and aesthetically was a mix of barre, Tracie Long, Kelly Coffey-Meyer, and Pilates (both mat and AeroPilates Reformer). I also added some yoga into the mix. With that rotation, I got the benefits of non-traditional barre and Pilates strength work, with the traditional twists Tracie and Kelly gave to weight training.

Mixing up methodologies helps keep my interest and prevents injuries. My goal is not to look like a bodybuilder or fitness model. I'm more interested in increasing strength, definition, and flexibility, plus help keep my heart and lungs strong. Plus, have fun!
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"Be good out there. If you can't be good, be careful."-Denis Morton

"Welcome the challenge; embrace it. Don't fear it."-Cathe

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Old 09-24-17, 09:14 AM  
Nuggie's Auntie
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Pretty much every fitness routine made me see changes in my body, the real question for me was finding a routine I enjoyed and could stick with, one that made me feel good and not beat up.

The classic Firms definitely provided that back in the early 1990's, but I also had the advantage of youth! I did find I could stick with them and I looked great back then.

The other method that has worked extremely well for me is barre (you knew I was going to say that.) I started doing Physique 57 religiously about 5 years ago. I had dabbled in it prior to that but hadn't stuck with it. Once I really devoted myself to it, I great results within the first month. I was stronger, leaner, more flexible and best of all--I felt so good! It just felt good to live in my body. I can't do it (or anything else) as often these days. My life has been hard hard hard lately so I have had to ease up on just about everything, but I still feel great after I do a good barre class.

What really didn't work for me was any heavy lifting regimen. Yes, I saw strength gains, but it made my joints ache and made me puffy, which I did not like. I just don't feel good lifting heavy weights all the time. I much prefer mid-weight and body weight modalities.
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Old 09-24-17, 09:23 AM  
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My first Body Beast ("Lean") rotation. Twelve weeks of heavy weights and minimal cardio. After eight weeks I noticed changes, and I was as strong as I've ever been after the full twelve: gains in mass and definition on my whole upper body, and some definition in my thighs. Doing a second full rotation right now and loving it.
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Old 09-24-17, 10:00 AM  
Patti S.
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Location: Orange County, CA
Couch to 5k plus Callanetics. Changed the shape of my legs dramatically and lost several pounds.
"We are so fortunate we get to exercise" - Erin O' Brien
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Old 09-24-17, 10:18 AM  
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when I was younger- in my 50's,lol I did several rotations of slim series/slim in 6 combined, the hardest rotation. 6 weeks, then a couple months later anoth 6 weeks and so on. I loved Debbie, and loved the workouts.
I don't think I could do it now , even if my knee and back issues resolve. I think it is just too hard on the body. It is a very tough regime.

and oddly enough, while I am rehabbing-I have had good results with this regime, don't ask me why. nice maintenance ,back and knee feel really good now, legs and torso improvement! slimmed down!:::
Jane Adams -gentle yoga-every am , for months now lying full body
and either desk and computer relief or evening practice
then: if time: Jane Adams yoga for senior- chair yoga workout 1
so 1.5 hours in the am
if feeling good - a couple times a week in the afternoon
Susan tuttle arthritis workouts 30 to 60 minutes
when I was feeling good and thought I was 40 at 67 I was doing 1.5 hours of firms- cardio- funs stuff in the morning and a 1 hour stretch in the afternoon. perhaps too much.
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Old 09-24-17, 11:55 AM  
Sue B
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Everything I've stuck with has changed my body, the key is patience and persistence.

I guess I could say that starting lifting more than 20 years ago changed me the most. Combining playing DDR with lifting caused dramatic results (over 50 pounds lost) but while I still play DDR in arcades occasionally, I can't do it regularly anymore.
Move your body often, sometimes hard. Every bit counts.

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Old 09-24-17, 11:56 AM  
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Location: Georgia
Pilates by Lisa is the only one that really changed my shape. Others helped me lose weight or tone up, but pilates made my hips look proportional and gave me a defined waistline.
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Old 09-24-17, 12:18 PM  
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Originally Posted by Nuggie's Auntie View Post
..., the real question for me was finding a routine I enjoyed and could stick with, one that made me feel good and not beat up.

I started just recently (for the past months, maybe 3-4) to just focus on barre & pilates (often only for 15-20 minutes) 3-4x a week + rebounding for average 20 min, throwing some yoga 15-20 min in here and there and that's my regime! Amazingly I feel great and suddenly don't even care anymore about how society wants us to believe we have to look and am just thankful for having a healthy body!

"Change what you can. Accept what you can't. Live peacefully with all that's left."

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biggest change, body weight workouts, bodyweight workouts, over 50, results, weights only

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