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Originally Posted by Scorpio6 View Post
Joyce Vedral does aerobic weight training AWT and claims you can lose x amount of pounds in 6 months time for example just by a regular program.

Has anybody here ever actually done that? Just curious.

TIA to all.
In 2009 and 2010 I did her program and it was her book that got me to buy my first weights - 5, 8 and 10 lbs. I believe I first used Now or Never and then I got most of her other books. When I look at pictures from then I can see my arms and waist were a lot smaller than they ever became using other methods (I gained weight in 2011-2012 and then got fit in 2013 using other methods). Because of new osteoarthritis I stopped using the weights ... I used only the 3 lbs. Tracy Anderson method - which did make me thin and fit - but not as perfect as the heavier weights did - so people, as long as you are healthy and can use weights without any issues, those weights are gold. Everything else in her method is standard. I am convinced there is something in the use of the 3 different weights. I still keep them on the dining room table but I have not used anything but 3 lbs. in over a year...always wanting to go back to that lithe and indented waist and beautifully shaped arms... So yes, I have a special fondness for Joyce Vedral's workouts. Her body type is completely opposite to mine as I am tall. You will not end up looking like her (she admits to eating whatever she wants much of the time). I never got the muscular look from using weights. Just the definition in the body that was the best of my life.

PS in most of her books she says your body will reach perfection in one year. She also tells you in how many weeks and months you will see each area improve. I am quite sure that would be true with nearly any good exercise method. I never went a solid year on the program so I only reached NEAR perfection. (I saw the beautiful arm definition after only a few weeks of using the weights. It was that indentation in the upper arm when before it was just a straight line).

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