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Tone It Up aka Beach Babe workouts by Karena Dawn, Katrina Hodgson on DVD

Tone It Up aka Beach Babe workouts released by Karena Dawn, Katrina Hodgson on DVD, sorted by year released, is shown below. This distributor was active in releasing DVDs from 2010-2015. Newer workouts are launched on their youtube site for free.

Note: The following list excludes the many other workouts on their youtube channel, except for the "Love Your Body" series, which is purportedly on youtube.

*denotes single DVD

The series were released without rotations, however, some reviewers on Amazon mention rotations available to email subscribers (free membership).

Toning notes for each individual workout, if shown below, were based on various Amazon reviews.

The following can be used to create your own rotation.

We encourage VFers to share their rotations in this thread!! Also, click on the tags below to see rotations shared by other VFers in other threads.


*Tone It Up! One Day Fat Blast, 74 min, 2010

*Sculpt & Tone Jane Fonda’s Workout, 46 min, 2010

Beach Babe by Tone It Up - 7 Toning Workouts series, 2 DVDs, 133 min (however Amazon lists 144 min) 2012
1. Surfer Girl Workout, 20 min, light toning and cardio
2. Bikini Sculpt Routine, 40 min, TB toning
3. HIIT the Beach, 19 min, HIIT cardio, with toning
4. Summer Arms, 12 min, arm/UB focus
5. Bikini Booty, 13 min, standing and floor work
6. Bikini Abs, 17 min, core
7. Long & Lean, 10 min, stretching

Beach Babe 2nd Edition by Tone It Up - 9 Workouts series, 2 DVDs, 213 min, 2013
1. Set the Bar, 20 min, fitness status check
2. Bikini Arms, 20 min, arm/UB focus
3. Hula Booty, 25 min, standing and floor work
4. Fine Toning, 20 min, light weights for all-over work
5. HIIT the Beach 2, 40 min, HIIT cardio, with toning
6. Sunrise Routine, 25 min, TB
7. Beach Barre, 30 min, barre-inspired
8. Sunkissed Abs, 18 min, core
9. Sunset Stretch, 15 min, stretching

*Tone It Up Love Your Body 6 workouts series, 99 min, 2014 [purportedly on youtube]
1. Love Your Total Body Workout, 17 min
2. Love Your Abs & Arms, 11 min
3. Love Your Body with Kettlebells, 18 min
4. Love Your Body HIIT Workout, 20 min
5. Love Your Body with Yoga, 16 min
6. Love Your Legs & Booty, 17 min

Beach Babe 3 Tone It Up - 8 workouts series, 2 DVDs, 203 min, 2015
1. Beach Bombshell, 38 min
2. Coconut Core & Booty, 35 min, abs, butt
3. Beach Arms, 16 min, arms
4. Ultimate Booty Call, The; 32 min
5. Caribbean Kettlebell, 33 min
6. String Bikini, 9 min, uses band - UB
7. Beach Ball, 24 min, arms
8. Beach Stretch & Release, 16 min

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disclosure: in the years 2002-2004 i had a professional relationship with a distributor of fitness videos; see profile.
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