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Old 11-01-14, 02:38 PM  
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Originally Posted by Mickey12 View Post
So, can we still buy her DVDs? How do you do that? I checked out her new website this morning and I don't see anywhere to purchase DVDs.

Watch It Now Entertainment is the seller on Amazon if you buy her DVDs new.
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Old 11-01-14, 03:53 PM  
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As much as I like her, is it just me or does it seem like it's always something with Zuzka...

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Old 11-01-14, 04:11 PM  
Debbie S.
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I've been with Zuzana from almost her beginning, and I'll continue to support her and I'll also continue to wish her the best.

I'm one of a handful of actual subscribers to ZGym who belong to VF, and this is what I have done to date:

I was able to sign into my account and cancel my existing ZGym membership. It will remain active until the end of December. I received an email stating that I my cancellation was successful.

All of her workouts are at Sweat Factor. I have access to all of her videos that she produced for Win TV. What I did notice is that they are no longer HD quality. So I have a couple of months to see how the channel that took over evolves.

Zuzana's new channel looks great. The video server is the same as the old Zgym, but it does have the HD quality videos. The content is available to everyone for a week, then people will have the option to subscribe for the first month for a buck.
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Old 11-01-14, 05:58 PM  
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Z's new channel looks awesome and from previewing the newest workouts, it appears that they are the same formula as the ZShreds, ZWows, and Jump Rope/Kettlebell workouts...she just changed the name and trademarked them. Smart move for her trademarking her work.

I have enjoyed using the ZShreds a bit more than the ZWows. I'm glad she's continuing her workouts.

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Old 11-02-14, 05:29 AM  
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I'm just catching up on this change -- it is a little confusing, and I hope everyone gets their memberships straightened out. I can understand why people expected some notice about the change. From the few comments I read on Facebook, it seems that Zuzka has some constraints but is trying to do right by her subscribers.

I agree that the new site looks great -- I love the look of her new recording space. The HD quality is beautiful. I have learned a lot from her, and I hope she continues with great workouts that provide precise form and form tips. I haven't subscribed yet, and I'm grateful for both the free period and the $1 introductory offer.

One thing I noticed from the workouts she has posted is that she seems to be using the jumprope a lot more. Is that what Z Shred is -- jumprope based workouts? Hmm, not my favorite, but Zuzka sure looks fantastic!!

The Body Crush workouts look more like the ZWOWs -- I look forward to trying one or two tomorrow. I did a ZWOW combo last night, so I'm not sure I'm going to let her kick my butt two days in a row.
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Old 11-02-14, 06:54 AM  
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I had been a member, but my membership expired in August and since I was doing a series at the gym I figured I'd rejoin in Jan.

I kind of freaked out at the thought of not having access to the workouts she's released since August (I really wanted the Pistols and Guns series), so I went in to my account and actually RENEWED so I could try those workouts before they disappeared forever (or so I feared). Sweat Factor charged me $19.74 for six months access. To me, that's a minimal risk if the site has other decent and unique workouts. If not, I'll cancel, too.

BTW, I will join her new site, too. She inspires me.
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Old 11-02-14, 07:08 AM  
Join Date: Mar 2002
I'm kinda bummed because I wanted to get ZShred 36-48 and there's not even a place for me to register....only returning customers. Does anybody know how I can go about getting a one month membership to SweatFactor?

I also wanted her Tabata Series. It's funny cause I was going to join ZGym this month and this happened. It will all work out. I do have ZShreds up to #36 so I'm good (for now...)

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Old 11-02-14, 07:47 AM  
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Are there any other workouts currently in the sweat factor other than Z's workouts?
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Old 11-03-14, 10:58 AM  
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Thanks for the advice. I wasn't sure what to do but I also canceled with Sweat Factor and I'll go back to Zuzka and resubscribe.

I love her stuff - I've done everyone of her zgym workouts. I am going to try to download them.

I have a professional relationship with web sites that sell yoga downloads.
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Old 11-03-14, 04:01 PM  
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You ladies that use Zuzka, how do you use them and have you seen results. I love them and challenge my self with more rounds and have definitley tightened and shaped up. I am the type of person who never "sees" changes but others and my hubby sure has. I love the jump rope and plan to do Zshred #5 tomorrow
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zuzana, zuzka, zwow

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