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Old 08-04-20, 07:53 PM  
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Location: Southern California
Good evening. Workout this morning was Pahla B's Chair Cardio and Strength followed by Strong Women/Strong Bones plus my PT stretches.

Deedee, we must have posted at the same time yesterday. I didn't see your post until just now. I'm starting to see more hummers in my yard too - don't know where they have been. My bird bath on the back patio is not getting any action - up until a week ago or so there was a bird in it most of the time. So not sure what the cycle of things is for birds.

Anita, Glad it's cooled off some for you and Gus. It sounds like Zoom participation is the way to go with these toxicology meetings if you had more attendees than would come in person. Great that it will be in your city next year - COVID premitting. None of us really knows what next year will look like.

Laura, glad the bands of rain are done. My brother said he got over 5" at his house and I think he lives pretty close to you. So that's a heck of alot of rain!! At least my California standards where drought and water conservation is SOP. Fall isn't cooler here most years. In fact many years September and October are very hot. The worst wildfires we've had have been in October because the foliage is dried out from summer heat and we get the Santa Ana winds - add a spark and fire spreads so fast it's astonishing.
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