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Old 01-15-08, 07:03 PM  
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Not really OT - Got custom made shoe inserts

( I posted some of this in the Kmart check-in thread too ) I just got my custom made $350 or so shoe inserts. I LOVE these things. LOVE THEM ! Where have they been all my life ?!?!?! I am in LOVE ! I decided to really test them the 1st time I wore them to see how they feel while I workout. I did a step workout today. I love step, but my knee clicks every time I do step & I have to be careful cuz my knee could hurt or even go out on me while doing step. My knees have hurt all my life. (I'm 31) My knee did not click ONCE while doing step & no pain AT ALL ! It did click once while stretching, but I was going to the floor when that happened, so it was a pretty good bend.

Oh, and when doing repeaters ! I always lose my balance on my R side when doing repeaters (that's the bad knee). I didn't lose my balance while doing repeaters today ! I could just scream I'm so excited !

OH, and the PT told me that I hyperextend my knee when I stand. I've had the hardest time making myself keep that knee bent all the time. That also has changed with the inserts. I have to actually think to make myself straighten that knee, I've got the natural bend now ! I am actually standing differently. My torso even goes forward just a little bit more now too. I feel so different with these things. What did I ever do without them ?!
- Melissa
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