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Old 11-01-13, 08:37 AM  
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Getting to the Bottom of This Once and For All

I'm really curious to know whether you count DB and Mixxtreme Fitness workouts as either cardio or strength. I ask because I want to do a rotation of three days TA (for me, she works and when I stop, I can tell) and three days Mixxtreme. However, both Mixxtreme and DB say to use them in conjunction with three days of cardio. When I do Mixxtreme and DB I get a high cardio effect. But, I want to make sure I'm burning enough calories as I'm trying to lose 25 pounds. Would love to hear thoughts on this and on whether you've done a similar rotation and the results you achieved.
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Old 11-01-13, 07:19 PM  
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I think they count as both. That's the beauty of them. When I do them they get my HR up but still burn my muscles out. Do them on you non TA days 3 days per week just rotating through them.
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Old 11-01-13, 08:10 PM  
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I don't have Mixxtreme but have used DB a lot, and agree they are both...if I HAD to qualify them, I'd use them as toning over cardio. They burn out my muscles and leave me with gentle DOMS. The cardio effect is just an awesome side benefit.

There's no reason not to do TA and DB back to back though. And you still get a good calorie burn from DB (although for me personally, I don't get as good a calorie burn from DB as I do from running or something like Turbo Fire).

ETA: These comments are based on the original system, I don't have the cardio system yet.
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