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Old 04-17-17, 08:12 AM  
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Originally Posted by prettyinpink View Post
I have the first two DB series, original and cardio. I still like them a lot.

I much, much prefer them to Tonique and find them easier even though they aren't "easy". Maybe it's the changing up of exercises, I don't know. Tonique has so many more lunges, and I don't like to do that many lunges anymore. I do still like the Express ones, though. But even if you compare 50 minutes of DB to 50 minutes of Tonique, Tonique is harder for me to get through without breaks.

In the DB series, even the backgrounders aren't doing all of the reps they are counting! So I have learned to hear it more as a countdown to the next move rather than a certain number of reps left. If it is a move where it is possible to go that fast, I do, but a lot of times it isn't. I focus on good form and get a great workout.
Thanks prettyinpink - your thoughts are what I am hoping I will find with Dream Body... I am not sure if I can do long Tonique workouts... so mixing these in with Dream Body sounds like the perfect rounding pun intended.
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Old 04-17-17, 08:18 AM  
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Originally Posted by Helen S View Post
I think it depends on what your body is used to doing. I do Tonique two to three times a week while I only do DreamBody occasionally. So DB is tougher for me. I agree that the toughest part is that they move fast.

That's why I chose the workouts that I did because those move slower than some of the others. You can also tell yourself that you don't have to move as fast. I also agree with those that said that it gets easier the more times you do the workouts.

I also love lunges and squats which is what Tonique mostly does. The new Toniques are tougher for me than her old ones because then she starts doing a ton of push-ups, break dance moves, etc. which works the upper body. My upper body is not as strong as my lower body. The newer Toniques might be tougher than the DreamBody workouts.
Interesting on how each of finds workouts in terms of difficulty. I have been aiming for at least 2X a week for Tonique - every time I try to do one longer than 20 minutes I pay for it in soreness for days. I also seem to retain water and my thighs puff out. I have been keeping with them because I can seem some nice definition in my outer quads - I am hoping it will spread I really want to get better with these but my body is NOT adapting very quickly. I am looking forward to Dream Body - I hope it will be a good all round workout to break a plateau and lengthen out my muscles (is that even possible!?)

Thanks for your response- it has given me a better idea of what to expect.
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Old 04-17-17, 02:57 PM  
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Originally Posted by Michefit View Post
Hi everyone - I have been doing Tonique on and off for a while not (back on!) I love the workouts but stick mostly to her shorter express workouts because the longer ones leave me sore for days still. If I do too much I get a bulk factor in my thighs.

I have been following the threads on the Dream Body workouts recently and I have checked them out on Totalfitnessdvds..... they look really fun and exactly what I have been looking for - lighter weights with stretching moves etc... But I have been reading that they are super tough to make it through.

.... so my question is - How would you compare Tonique and Dream Body in terms of 1- difficulty 2-overall results? 3- which series would you recommend?

FYI - I did buy the first stand alone Dream Body - it's on its way - but I get the impression that the series' workouts are different.
I love both Dream Body (have all their workouts except Great in 8) as well as Tonique (have most of her DVDs and downloads) and to some extent it is comparing apples to oranges, but I agree with a lot of what's been said already.

Specifically, Tonique is more endurance based and in many ways seems harder, because she will do one move for what feels like forever, and she tends to cluster several exercises that are similar to really burn out the muscles. And Dream Body is definitely more of a circuit workout, you are switching things up a lot more although I also enjoy that DB tends to structure the workouts to get a good burnout in an area, like Tonique does, and has longer circuits than many workouts.

I also agree that the newer Toniques, with lots of pushups, breakdance, handstand, and that type of move (i.e., not just lunges and squats) seem harder because they are total body.

For me I can more easily accomplish a 60 minute DB workout than a 60 minute Tonique...these days I'd rather keep my Tonique less than 45 minutes to feel doable.

As for results I've never done either exclusively, but feel like Tonique shapes my legs and glutes like nothing else. DB really has a great overall toning effect. They are both amazing, and some of my absolute favorites!!

My recommendations for DB: Both Dream Body first DVD set and the second set. First set has a more ab and inner thigh focus, along with more toning, and the second set is more outer thigh and cardio, and has some intense glider work. To me Sweat Lab and the strange stand alone DVD with the bubbles aren't as good. I really like the original Bump too, the second one was good too but not as good as the first, IMO.

My recommendations for Tonique: My absolute favorite is Born to Move (predominantly leg work with some cardio) and I also really like her Express workouts, Hamptons Express, entire Hawaii series, Royale (for an ambitious day - this may be her toughest workout), Femme Fatale, Addicted to Movement I haven't done a workout of hers I haven't liked. Except maybe Sculpt Dynamics because of all the jumping sometimes bothers my knees.
"Feel strong and beautiful. Be a Tonique woman." -Sylwia
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Old 04-19-17, 04:02 AM  
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Thanks ebianco - I really appreciate the suggestions. I actually bought the first Dream Body stand alone workout to see if I like it enough to spend money on a whole set- I think the bubble thing will be annoying. I plan on using my own music once I am familiar with the workout.

I totally agree about Tonique giving great curves - it's just so darn painful

Hopefully the two together will be a good balance...

Thanks everyone!
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