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Old 02-11-07, 12:36 AM  
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Here are some more:

Tracey Mallet's Renew You: Sleek & Lean, and Cardio Fusion
Annika Carlson's Dynamic Power
Method Pilates Target Specifics Plus w/ Elizabeth Young
10 Minute Solution Rapid Results Pilates
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Old 02-11-07, 04:31 PM  
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Originally Posted by tkchhr
...I like the more "moving in warrior II" stuff. Does this fit the "power yoga" description? ...
It's hard to tell from your original post whether you'd like power yoga, but I think you should give it a try. Since you've done some yoga and are looking for more intensity, the barrier to power yoga is low ... try Bryan Kest's original power yoga series (3 workouts on one DVD, priced very reasonably on amazon). Power yoga isn't fusion, but if you find you like power yoga, there are SO many videos we can enable you to buy!

Power yoga involves moving fluidly from one pose to another -- not so much getting into warrior II and moving the arms/legs, but going from warrior II to side angle to triangle to half moon to warrior I to chaturanga to up-dog to down-dog, then repeat on the other side. (This is from Rodney Yee's Power Yoga Total Body, though I've probably remembered it wrong.) A good power yoga workout gives you a decent sweat, a good stretch & muscular workout.
- Laura

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Old 02-11-07, 05:11 PM  
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WFHN's Kickbutt series cashes in on the fusion trend.

All of the DVDs in the series are ca. 40-minute fusion of cardio, weights, yoga, and pilates.

You might like these if you like Crunch videos.

ETA: Here are some previews:
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Old 02-11-07, 07:01 PM  
Jane C
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I like Yoga Booty Ballet. Challenging enough - especially on a low motivation day - and fun.
Jane C.

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Old 02-11-07, 10:17 PM  
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Another vote for these:
Kari Anderson's Reach and Angles, Lines & Curves II
Minna Lessig's Strength & Grace

Also, SmartBells has a fusion DVD, if you already have those hanging around. (If you don't, don't get the SB just for the one DVD.)

You might also enjoy something like Karen Voight's yoga videos (Yoga Sculpt and Yoga Focus, now Yoga Power), which are power yoga-ish but not too overwhelming. Yoga Sculpt has a yoga portion and then a fusion abs-focused portion; Yoga Focus/Power has a yoga portion and then a yoga stretch portion (which is very good). Also, you might look into the Quick Fix or 10 Minute Solution yoga workouts.
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pilates fusion, target specifics plus

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