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Originally Posted by ms1971
The Method Precision yoga video is good but she doesn't hold the poses long enough for me so it feels a bit rushed. It has 3 sections and I think it's Jennifer. I think she reminds me a bid of Yoga Zone in her stye but she does do plow which I don't remember in my YZ videos. Good for an add on if your in a hurry.

Hi Mel,

Thanks for the thoughts on Precision Yoga.

Sometimes I like Yoga programs that don't hold stuff too long because you kind of get to work through the movement without the long holds. I have Yoga programs that hold and many that don't I just go by how I feel on a given day.

I like Jennifer Kries overall though so if I run into that at a great price I may pick it up

Thanks again and take care,

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new method 20/20, the method

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