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Old 11-27-13, 10:19 AM  
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Originally Posted by BunnyHop View Post
Interesting read.

My thoughts:
1) the covers? All ones in which she's wearing Lululemon clothing, they aren't clickable links to a store. She started the post with talk of the covers, so I think it's a reasonable way to decorate the article. I do think she needs an editor to tighten things up, word-wise. (snip)
I agree.

I also agree she was overly verbose in expressing her outrage. However, I think it is typical Jennifer. I've been a Facebook friend of hers for a couple of years, I guess, and she can be very passionate about certain topics. Also, many of her posts (I'd say at least over half of them) have nothing to do with selling her products--although I do get an occasional invitation to take her classes, etc. This is her business, so I expect her to sell stuff on her FB page. However, she does seem pretty sincere and dedicated to some great causes--justice, peace, health, yadiyada.

Someone who thinks logically provides a nice contrast to the real world. *unknown*
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Old 11-27-13, 12:29 PM  
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I've never gone into a Lululemon store so have no idea if I like their stuff or not.

But, for those interested in higher end fitness wear at lower end prices, have you checked out The Clymb? It's a deal of the day kind of thing (sort of) - very limited stock but great brands and really great prices. I got my sister some things for bday/xmas at screaming deals (Prana tops at cheaper than Target wear prices).

You have to sign up for an account (free, just an email address required), and you get frequent emails listing brands they currently have in stock. I've had a friend buy skis from here at an insane discount (he's a former competitive skier, so knows his stuff...).

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Old 11-27-13, 01:14 PM  
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Overly wordy but I get her point.

I'd crossed Lululemon off my list when the see-through yoga pants issue came up, and the first excuse from the company was that women were squeezing their too-big selves into too-small sizes. Took a bit longer before they admitted something had gone wrong in manufacturing and there was a fabric problem, not a wearer issue.

I'm happy with Old Navy for less expensive and Athleta for pricier gear. Lululemon doesn't need my business.
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Old 11-27-13, 01:19 PM  
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Stephen Colbert on Lululemon:
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Old 11-27-13, 01:29 PM  
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I LOVE Stephen Colbert.
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Old 11-27-13, 02:01 PM  
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My only question for her is why she became an ambassador for a company she didn't know much about? This stuff about Chip Wilson has been around for many years. He has done/said crazy things since the inception of Lululemon. I think with her (well-deserved) criticism of Lululemon, she should have taken more ownership of her role in not knowing the company she was affiliated with.
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Old 11-27-13, 02:26 PM  
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Yuck. I have a couple Lulu sweatshirts I bought on Ebay. I'm completely turned off.

I did peruse the Lulu store at the Mall of America and was completely appalled at how snotty and non helpful the salespeople were. I walked out.

I'll stick to Lucy and Target.

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Old 11-27-13, 02:32 PM  
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Thanks for the link, Michelle.
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Old 11-27-13, 03:11 PM  
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I have a couple of Lulu pieces that I bought on sale, wouldn't ever pay full price. But on principle, I am done buying any of their stuff. I find great yoga wear for a fraction of the price at Winners and Costco.

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Old 11-27-13, 03:54 PM  
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Originally Posted by Eibhinn View Post
I find it totally weird that people use the murder of one Lululemon employee by another to critique the CEO or the company as a whole ... Any person who would stab someone 300 times has deep mental issues that their employer cannot be held responsible for.
I don't think that was it, exactly. I got the feeling it was being called out as yet another example where they handled the PR really poorly (the article referred to the response from the company's attorneys). And it *wouldn't* have even been an issue for any other company, if not for all the press that LL's corporate culture had already received.
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chip wilson, jennifer kries, lululemon

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