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Old 12-11-10, 07:20 AM  
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'10 minute solution Pilates for Beginners' with Lara Hudson always leaves me feeling fantastic. She's a really good instructor too.
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Old 12-11-10, 07:46 AM  
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I love Ana Cabán because she makes Pilates seem easier. She tells you exactly what to do from where to place your arms and legs to when to inhale and exhale. My favorites from her are Quick Start Pilates for Weight Loss, Pilates Toning Ring Workout, and Cardio Pilates (the Pilates segment only). I also have Pilates Ab Workout, which I do once in a while, but I do the other 3 once a week each.
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Old 12-11-10, 08:35 AM  
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Originally Posted by topfitmama View Post
My go-to place for pilates workouts is, hosted by the Corp twin sisters who run Pilates on 5th in New York.
You can try their workouts for free (like ExerciseTV). There are workouts for every level and ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes in length.
The instructors can be a little chatty, but it feels like you are in their studio with them doing the exercises. They give a lot of form pointers, show you how you shouldn't do it, remind you to pull in your belly, or contract your glutes....

You can sign up for free or purchase a membership.

By the way, I have nothing to do with them, I just really like their workouts!
I like Ultimate Pilates; they have a decent variety of pilates workouts. Another pilates video site to consider is Pilates Anytime which is my new favorite website. They have a huge variety of workouts of various lengths and levels and instructors. There is a core group of instructors (the website owners/associates) but they often bring in guest instructors offering a different Pilates style. Tracey Mallet did 2 workouts recently. They offer a 2 week free membership; $18 a month thereafter. Pilates Anytime also continues to add new workouts every few days.
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Old 12-11-10, 08:48 AM  
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MTV Pilates

Kristen McGee - Filmed outdoors & about 30 mins. Perfect for me since I like to to do Pilates as a add-on.

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Old 12-11-10, 09:12 AM  
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Another fan of the 10MS Pilates DVDs.
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Old 12-11-10, 12:42 PM  
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I am not a huge pilates fan, but I like Ellen Barret's Burn & Firm and Fat Burning Pilates, both are a nice mix of pilates and light cardio. I also like Stott Pilates Mini Ball for it's great ab work and The Method Pilates Fusion (aka Standing Pilates Blend) for it's ballet/pilates blend and balance work.

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Old 12-11-10, 12:49 PM  
summer breeze
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Originally Posted by ilovemybirds View Post
My favorite pilates workouts are the 10 Minute Solutions ones. I really like the Quick Sculpt Pilates one (the one with the little ball), and I like Pilates Perfect Body (Suzanne Bowen), and most of Lara Hudson's 10 MS workouts. I also really like Ellen's workouts, and I'm DEFINITELY going to get Tracey Mallett's pilates workout, since I do Tracey M's ab work all of the time.
I didn't care for Mari Winsor (just didn't click with her), and I didn't like Ana Caban's workouts, either (I think because they're voice over workouts and voice over workouts bug me).
We must be twins. My favorite pilates are the 10 Minute Solution Quick Sculpt Pilates and Pilates Perfect Body also. I used to do Lara Hudson's 10 Minute Solutions ones, which are very good, but these other two took over from her for now. I also can't wait to get Tracy Mallett's new one, and I like Ellen's Pick Your Level Weight Loss. It's broken up into 3 10 minute segments.
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Old 12-11-10, 01:39 PM  
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Originally Posted by dlb View Post
Kristen McGee - Filmed outdoors & about 30 mins. Perfect for me since I like to to do Pilates as a add-on.

Which MTV Pilates do you mean because I thought both were an hour long and filmed indoors...
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Old 12-11-10, 02:10 PM  
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An oldie but goodie is Hilary Burnett's Intermediate Pilates workout. I have her Advanced one also, but find I always reach for the intermediate one instead. It moves at a nice pace, and I always feel really centered and grounded afterwards.


P.S. Her Intermediate one is about 30 minutes whereas the Advanced one is about 20 minutes (if I remember correctly!).
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Originally Posted by shelleyann View Post
Which MTV Pilates do you mean because I thought both were an hour long and filmed indoors...
The original MTV Pilates is about 35 min. and was filmed outdoors on a patio in Arizona (IIRC). MTV Pilates Mix is definitely indoors and closer to an hour.
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pilates, the method

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