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Old 09-23-10, 09:28 AM  
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Originally Posted by lorajc View Post
so how long did you not lift? How did you start back ? You say I'm just wondering. Lifting is my FAVE form of exercise!!
I would say a good three months without upper body strength work, including yoga or judo. It was very difficult, especially since I was still teaching yoga - I had to have one of my students demonstrate things like planks because I could barely do those. Previous, I could bang out 30 toe pushups; when in full spasm I could not even do 2 or 3 knee pushups. It was as if the muscles simply disengaged and stopped working.

Anyway, I started with negative knee pushups (let downs?), then negative pushups with hands on counter (Loretta pointed out to me that straight line body was more useful for the core). For me the key was building up tolerance - ie, find out what I could do before tension/spasm began and I soon learned what degree of tension signaled an oncoming spasm.

Then I'd try a couple of of light chest presses with a barbell. And so on.

By mid January, I guess, I felt confident enough to try one set of each fundamental exercise - press, row, deadlift, etc. Then right onto NROLW.

Again, the key was to balance non-doing with doing, and learning to respect the tension signals. And lots and lots of patience. I cannot emphasize that part enough. It's a lesson I have to keep learning over and over again.

be as relaxed as you can be, as you do what you gotta do.

~erich schiffman
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Old 09-23-10, 10:34 AM  
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How about a completely different and unconventional way of exercise? Somatic exercise is wonderful but there are no videos except for one. Yummy Yoga by Christa Rypins is the only one I know of that's "follow along" and not instructional. It is brain training instead of muscle training. You can do a Google search of different methods (Hanna Somatics, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, etc.) and see examples on Youtube. I do Hanna Somatics created by a man named Thomas Hanna and I love it. I feel more physically fit at age 51 than I ever did when weight training. Bones are controlled by muscles and muscles are controlled by the brain. The Egoscue Method is very effective too but I've had more success with Hanna Somatics.
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christa rypins, pain, somatic yoga, spasms, thomas hanna

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