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Old 06-16-22, 09:19 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Hi all!

Karen: Yes it is brutal here, too. For example, Monday it was 100 w/ heat index of 112... and the humidity was horrible. It rained because it was so humid early in the morning. Looks like another week or so of it here. We just keep hitting the 100 mark, although yesterday the evening wasn't so hot that you couldn't breathe. Tonight it is full on again.

JB: That is terribly frustrating with water heater problems. Hope he gets it fixed tomorrow.

Vannie: Speaking of old firms, I toyed with purchasing a month's worth of streaming from fitness whatever just to try a few, but I am trying to finish my current rotation with Cee.

Cher: HI! I hope you are doing well. Is JOseph doing better? Your sister? How's your mom?

Check in: I have been doing Lift with Cee's push pull legs (PPL) rotation on YouTube. I just completed week 4 of 6 today. Her lifting is controlled and calm. I am loving it. No walking with my boyfriend (is that what you call them in your 50's?) this week or next. Way the heck too hot.

I got moved into my new office in our new HQ building last Friday. I am still amongst boxes, but am working again. I have to admit the move has been affecting me emotionally because I moved from our old HQ bldg 5 or 6 weeks after Darrell passed away, so this is bringing some of the feelings back. Nothing specific, but just more upheaval, unrest and sadness with all of the changes. I am sick of changes. I am still dealing with his dad's house (OMG) and stuff. The end is closer, but with all of the heat, nothing is moving over there... no air circulation, no A/C, nothing. Yuck.

Hope everyone is well!

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Old 06-17-22, 07:34 PM  
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Gibbee so good to hear from you! I am visiting family in N C and will have time to post more tomorrow. It is a bit college here thank goodness.
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Old 06-18-22, 11:40 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Virginia
My workout yesterday was 35 minutes of strength training + 27 minutes of HiiT + 15 minutes of yoga.

Gibbee - I'm so glad you popped in to give us an update. I hope you get things resolved soon about the house.

Karjoy - I hope you are having a nice time in NC. Glad it's at least cooler.

Vannie - I got rid of a lot of my FIRM workouts a while ago when I gave away all my VHS tapes. They used to be so popular.

I did get my water heater fixed finally. It was great to have hot water again!

Waves to all. Have a good day.
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Old 06-19-22, 05:32 PM  
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Just got back from NC to our blast furnace here in Fl. It was 64 degrees with low humidity and light breeze in NC when we left this am but when we got just a little further South it became much hotter. Ugh. We are going to have to water soon as it has been so dry.

Gibbee I’m sorry you have had to go through so many changes in the last couple years. My heart goes out to you and I think of you often. I’m glad you are still exercising.

Jbliff yay for getting your water heater fixed!! I bet you are tired after HIIT plus strength training plus Yoga.

I got in a couple 30-40 min treadmill runs and one short swim at the hotel. The hotel had an indoor pool which was nice. It was pretty small so I could only swim a few strokes before turning around. And I was impressed because they had two
very deluxe Precor treadmills with all the bells and whistles and running felt smooth as silk.

Waves to Cher and Vannie.
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Old 06-19-22, 07:13 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2014
Location: Snowman Land :) MN
Still no formal workouts for me but a lot of walking this wknd.
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Old 06-20-22, 06:19 AM  
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Location: Michigan
Just popping in to let you know why I disappeared again after saying I was back. Just when I try to get back to normal, more crap happens. None of the meds the doctor put Joseph on for his Ulcerative Colitis has helped. Two weeks ago, he got up and was really bad. Called his doctor and they referred him to a GI doctor. He’s got an appointment this Thursday with the new doctor. Was just trying to wait it out since no direction from current doctor. Seemly getting worse last week, so I ended up calling the current doctor back since he’s not really been seen by the new one. They told us to go to the ER. They were worried about his blood loss since he was getting light headed and worse than usual cramping. Joseph wouldn’t go that day but ended up taking him in the next morning (Wednesday). Was there most the day. Ended up his blood work was good but he was dehydrated so they gave him some fluids. The ER doctor was going to release him with a prescription but the doctor that told us to go to ER wanted him to stay the night and give him steroids and have some GI guy come in and see him. Really??? They weren’t to worried about any of that when I called the week before and told them how bad Joseph was….all they did was give him a referral. Joseph didn’t want to stay so we opted to leave since the ER doctor thought he was okay and we have an appointment with a GI doctor for this week. They gave him a prescription for steroids. Just figured we’ll wait and see what this new GI doctor says since his blood work was good still and take it from there. He seems to be doing better so hopefully he stays that way until we can get into this new doctor.

So, until this is under control I’ll probably be missing from around here again.

We’re going up to the cabin this weekend. We have a graduation party up there for one of our neighbor friends that lives up there.
"You're not going to get the butt you want sitting on the one you have!"
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Old 06-20-22, 09:15 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Virginia
Hi all. My workout Saturday was a long walk with DH + 45 minutes of boxing/kickboxing + 20 minutes of yoga. Yesterday's workout was Body Pump + 20 minutes of pilates-based abs + some yoga on my own.

Cher - My goodness, poor Joseph! I hope the new GI doctor figures something out. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Karjoy - So rare to find a hotel with nice workout equipment, isn't it? We actually had cooler weather this weekend and it was fantastic.

Vannie - Glad you are at least able to take some walks.

Yesterday afternoon we went to see the local theater troupe do the Taming of The Shrew play last night. It was a good venue (outdoor) and pretty well done but I had forgotten how misogynistic the play was. I definitely would not see it again.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.
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Old 06-20-22, 09:27 PM  
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Drive by: 30 min swim after work which cheered me after a tough day.

Cher I am so sorry that Joseph is having a rough time. The steroids should help till he sees the new doctor. Fingers crossed. Sorry it has been rough.

Vannie good job on the walking!

Jbliff yes this was just a regular Fairfield Inn with that good equipment. Glad you have been able to walk outdoors some.
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Old 06-21-22, 06:02 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Virginia
My workout yesterday was 45 minutes of boxing/kickboxing + 15 minutes of yoga.

Waves to everyone.
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Old 06-22-22, 07:57 AM  
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Yesterday I went for a quick bike ride after a short swim. It felt good because I was still cooled off a bit from swimming. But boy you can feel the heat off the pavement. Cycling does give you a lovely feeling of freedom.

Today it is supposed to be 104 here and they are not even mentioning the heat index and I suspect they are afraid to. When I walked out to my car this am I felt blanketed by steam. Ugh…

My first patient this am installs pools and said even though he is acclimated to the heat he is dead at the end of the day. I bet!

Have a good day all. Stay cool and hydrate.
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