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Old 10-25-12, 03:46 PM  
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Workouts like Ellen Barrett's fusion workouts

I am really enjoying Ellen Barrett's workouts (i.e., Skinny Sculpt, Fat Burning Fusion, Slim Sculpt).

I like the fact that they are "low-keyed". I can't do intense workouts nor lunges. Looking for something that isn't "dance-y" either.

Any suggestions?


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Old 10-25-12, 04:26 PM  
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You can take a look at Jessica Smith's youtube channel.
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Old 10-25-12, 04:48 PM  
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Kari Anderson, Bernadette Giorgi, Balletone, Essentrics , Grace Lazenby are some I enjoy -Ellen is my All-Time Fave instructor and I own ALL of her workouts-The ones I mentioned still cannot compare perfectly-but they are along the same lines. Look into getting more of Ellen's workouts you don't have. I love her Studio series best, but her Live series comes in second. She did some workouts for Self, Prevention, but her older Crunch ones are worth getting if you do not have those-yoou can get them from amazon for pretty cheap. Good luck!
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Old 10-25-12, 06:45 PM  
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I"ve only done part of this dvd and don't remember lunges (I dont like them either but I dont always notice them if I don't go as low) but Petra Kolber's Liquid Grooves was kinda nice and fluid-y. I jsut did a new to me ellen today and I'm feeling it big-time - I expected nice and gentle like barefoot cardio but it had LOTS of fast forward bends rising to toes with arms overhead and they were pretty brisk and very repetitive.s he also does a warrior 2 that has a lunge but you don't have to go far down but she does go lower and pulse in a lunge position towards the end. oh it's Power Fusion. so you might not want that one or just beware of those moves and I thought it was more intense than skinny sculpt.

eta: i have the balletones and have done the first one -don't recall lunges and there are 3 modifications done on all the moves- not as fun as ellen IMO but different. not sure if the other balletones have lunges or not
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Old 10-25-12, 06:50 PM  
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Originally Posted by moonbeam31 View Post
her older Crunch ones are worth getting if you do not have those-yoou can get them from amazon for pretty cheap. Good luck!
The other day I was at target and saw a 4-DVD set of her crunch workouts. It was only $14.99. I didn't get it because I already have two out of the 4 and had and traded another. But definitely a good bargain if you don't have them.
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