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Old 05-30-16, 05:51 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2003
Why do you love Barre? Which systems?

Greetings, sportsfans, Aquajock here -

My sister-in-law has asked me a few questions about barre workouts; there is a Pure Barre studio in her area that offers classes for a (stiff) fee, and she is interested in the format. I thought I'd pick all y'all's brains and get the 411 from home-ex barre lovers in case a home-ex program would work better for her.


Why do you love Barre?

What physical benefits have you gotten from it, and how long did that take?

Which systems and/or producers can you recommend, and why?

If there are any threads that answer these questions too, if you could like them in a response to this post I'd be grateful.

Thanks in advance !!!

Annette Q. Aquajock
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Old 05-30-16, 07:15 PM  
Nuggie's Auntie
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: I love that dirty water...
Why do I love barre, let me count the ways.... so many, many ways.... I feel so blissed out after a good barre workout. Peaceful, limber, sweaty, all good things. I love that it's low/no-impact, it's intense, it's stretchy, it's challenging, and (depending on the workout) you can hit everything in an hour.

Barre has done so much for me. I experienced dramatic results when I started doing Physique 57 DVDs religiously. Everything got better, esp. my stiff, wonky parts. I saw significant results within the first month.

While I have some mixed feelings about Pure Barre, I'd encourage your SIL to try it out, even if she just goes for a few classes. Taking a class with a good live instructor can be incredibly helpful. I have found that PB instructors can be a bit of a mixed bag. Some can be very good, many are not (in my experience.) I would suggest that she introduce herself to any instructor from whom she takes class, them them she's new and wants form pointers. PB instructors can be way too hands-off, but if you invite them to correct you, they might do better.

If there are any other studios in the area, she might want to check them out, too. There are many different iterations of barre. They are definitely NOT all the same, so getting a sense of what else is out there is a good idea.

As for videos, my favorites remain Physique 57. I just really click with their style. I love the fast-pace. I'm also really liking barre3, but I have been taking live classes. I've never really gotten into the videos. B3, like P57, intersperses large range-of-motion exercises in with the little up-an-inch/down-an-inch that you see at other studios, so it makes it more fun, more cardiovascular, and for me, just more comfortable. They also emphasize neutral spine vs. the exaggerated tuck you see at PB and Bar Method.

Speaking of Bar Method, they are definitely the best at form corrections. I tell people going to Bar Method is like going to college for barre. While I don't love the tuck, they are just really on you for good posture and good form in general. I went there for about six months and I really improved in my form during that time.

Check out my blog: A Mom Walks Into A Barre
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Old 05-30-16, 09:58 PM  
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Location: TX Panhandle
I've never been lucky enough to take an in studio barre class, but I love Barre3 streaming workouts. There's enough variety to keep me interested, a decent cardio effect, and lots of modifications offered for all kinds of issues.

4 summers ago I did Barre3 streaming up until the day before my shoulder surgery to remove what my surgeon called a huge bone spur. Other workouts had become too painful for me to do. I took a few days off after surgery, like 3 or 4, and then went back to Barre3. I modified a lot the first couple of weeks, but soon I was able to do the bigger range of motion movements without weights, and before I knew it, I added the weights back in. My surgeon was really impressed with my recovery. Most of it was attributable to Barre3.

I also like Bar Method streaming, but to me, there isn't as much variety.

I will turn 60 this year - I have an ankle that has no cartilage, fused vertebrae in my neck, two shoulders that have been operated on, etc., etc., etc. Barre3 works for me.

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Old 05-31-16, 08:56 AM  
Join Date: Apr 2003
Thanks, friends !!!

Annette Q. Aquajock
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Old 05-31-16, 12:48 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: SC
I've been taking live Barre3 classes for about 4 months. I absolutely love it. The instructors are very attentive and do excellent adjustments. I am 56, and I have gotten a lot stronger. My posture has improved, and I feel so much better about myself. The down side is that it is very expensive.
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Old 05-31-16, 01:22 PM  
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Location: South Florida
I like Barre3 a lot, but my favorite is Suzanne Bowen. Yes, you have to combine segments to get a full-body workout, but for $10 a month you get a lot of content, new workouts, challenges, a FB group check-in, blog, food plan, etc. She has a free 48 hour trial with no CC required. I think that barre is like any other's really about which instructor and style you click with.

Disclosure: I was a Beachbody success story and part of a P90X infomercial.
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Old 05-31-16, 03:20 PM  
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I did some Bar Method at the studio and loved it. I've also tried Physique 57 and FLybarre Fly Barre in studio. Would like to also try Exhale Core Fusion in studio. Honestly, live Barre classes are a lot better and if they are financially, geographically feasible-definitely worth the investment.
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