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Old 05-25-14, 10:25 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2010
Like most all the others it seems, I got insoles because of having PF. I got a pair of inserts at walmart first that said they were for PF, but they hurt something fierce! After many many painful months, I finally went to a podiatrist. He had me get these super feet insoles

I kept those in my shoes for when I went out. What I got that I think was like 90% of my recovery, was a pair of Birkenstocks, and I wore them all day around my house. I no longer use my super feet because I don't need them, but I am keeping them in case I ever do again. My birks are my favorite sandals ever and I will never give them up! I no longer need to wear them around the house all day however!

My other foot had a small bout of PF and I found these at CVS and I wore these all day instead of my birks...and it went away rather quickly.

Having said all issue was PF, and not flat feet. So I really can't speak to that. I hope you find something that will relieve your pain though!!
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Old 05-25-14, 11:35 PM  
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Location: NYC
I have PF and was recommended custom orthotics. However they are not covered by my insurance and I didn't want to lay $300 for a pair. I use power step insoles and they have helped my feet tremendously. I also wear shoes from foot smart with good arch support. Granted you have the opposite problem with flat feet.
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Old 05-26-14, 04:37 AM  
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I have all sorts of "-itis" in both feet - plantar fasciitis, arthritis and tendonitis to the point that they thought I had a stress fracture a couple years ago, it swelled up so bad. (Plus flat feet that I had to wear corrective shoes for when I was a child - didn't work!). I have had custom inserts since about 2007, and am currently on my second pair.

I have only tried the prescription ones from a guy who specializes in orthotics and prosthetics - I had to step into a mold, etc. He adjusts them until I am happy. I wear them only in my workout shoes or if I'm doing a ton of walking (like a recent trip) and I really like them. They have made all the difference for me being comfortable doing repetitive things like that. Otherwise, I wear New Balance shoes which have a lot of arch support for me. During flareups I sometimes wear the arch support bandages mentioned above - definitely a life saver!

My guy says you really need to get checked every two years. It's not so much that the inserts wear out, he says, but that your foot changes. I saw it for myself ... My new inserts don't fit my old foot cast at all. And I had all sorts of problems right around that two year mark that new inserts helped tremendously and probably could have saved myself some grief had I gotten them right then instead of waiting longer. I really, really trust this guy and wish I could bypass the orthopedic specialist and go to him directly.

I hope some of that helps!
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Old 05-26-14, 07:23 AM  
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Location: Arlington, VA
A couple years ago, I had a really bad case of PF in my right foot. According to my orthopedist, a study concluded that two types of OTC insoles were better for preventing PF than custom orthotics: SuperFeet and Power Step. The latter hurt my feet, but the SuperFeet worked like a champ. Still use them, I'm terrified I'll have a reoccurrence of PF. Keep in mind, when you switch to orthotics, you have to adjust to them. Wear them a couple hours a day, then progressively, more.
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Old 05-26-14, 08:10 AM  
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My DH has custom orthotics. He is a police officer, and several years ago his feet/legs hurt so badly he couldn't walk or stand. He went to the podiatrist, who made the orthotics. He never goes without them.

Chrys Dayley
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Old 05-29-14, 03:19 PM  
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I have custom orthotics because I got capsulitis last summer when I started increasing the miles I was running. It's a swelling near the bottom of the foot near the base of the second toe. My feet are the complete opposite of yours though--very high arches. I really resisted getting them because one day, sitting in the podiatrist's office, I listening to him going from exam room to exam room, telling each patient they needed orthotics! But then I had surgery, met my deductible, and figured I might as well get them.

He also gave me "Off-the-shelf" orthotics, which are apparently a name brand. With the custom orthotics, I'm able to run again, though I have had to switch shoes a couple of times to find some that work. The orthotics in themselves aren't enough--it's like all conditions have to be perfect.

And ever since all this, if I wear bad shoes (e.g. unsupportive high-ish heels), my feet are in pain almost immediately. I mostly wear Orthaheel and Kalso Earth shoes for the arch support.

I did try some insoles (Superfeet or Power-something, can't remember) and they weren't enough. I need the support of the hard plastic.

I'm barefoot most of the time (when not working out) and honestly I don't think just that would have been enough. My foot was SO sore last summer, and staying off of it for two months wasn't enough. It took a cortisone shot and wearing sneakers continuously for another month for it to heal.
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Old 05-29-14, 03:59 PM  
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I wear custom orthotics for Morton's neuroma and hammer toes. A couple of summers ago I went through 3 rounds of cortisone shots and had custom orthotics made. I never leave home without them. I even wear them in my shoes while I am in the house. Without them my neuroma will begin to throb. Well worth the cost, and it beats surgery.
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Old 05-30-14, 11:39 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2013
Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your input. Lots to think about, for sure. I'm kind of intimidated by the prospect.

I went for a long walk today (4 miles), which gave me time to actually notice what my foot was doing/feeling *specifically* (when I run, all I can think of is omg, I'm running LOL)... and I think that my current problem is actually directly related to the Orthoheel inserts I have in my running shoes. The outer arch (?) presses uncomfortably into the side of my foot, and I think that aggravated... whatever I did. (Or it caused it, and the running aggravated it. Either way.) I'm going to switch them back out for the original New Balance inserts and see if that makes a difference. I had Spencos in my last shoes, and never had an issue.

The good news is that I did a short cardio/strength interval workout yesterday, and the long walk today, and my foot feels pretty darn good at the moment! Hopefully that stupid week of rest I took paid off. (Did I mention I'm a terrible patient?)
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Old 05-31-14, 03:13 AM  
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my replies don't really answer your questions about orthotics, although i read everyone's responses with interest. good replies so far.

there's a really good book that i borrowed from the library "Walk Yourself Well: Eliminate Back Pain, Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Hip and Other Structural Pain Forever-Without Surgery or Drugs" by Sherry Brourman PT. it covers gait issues, starting with the foot and working upwards. i stumbled upon this book by accident. one takeaway i liked about the book was filming yourself walking so that you can analyze your gait and get clues to why you have pain (bunions, hip issues, back pain, knee issues, etc).

another book that talks about posture and how it causes knee and hip pain is "Peak Performance Fitness" by Jennifer Rhodes PT. one of the most interesting case studies she mentioned was how she helped this tennis player who was worried that his growing hip pain was going to prevent him from enjoying tennis, possibly even injuring himself permanently. after Jennifer helped him, he was pain free.

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Old 05-31-14, 08:25 AM  
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Since I got PF, I have been wearing orthotics from The Good Feet store. They make an imprint of your foot and watch how you walk and recommend certain orthotics. I love them
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foot pain, orthotics

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