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Old 02-27-14, 10:41 AM  
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Originally Posted by tracyb View Post
I am curious about the level 1 modifications. Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on them? Thanks!
I've only done the workouts in the I Am Change phase so I'm not sure about the other phases.

The power of 1 modifications are good. The a cardio is all low impact. The weights are lighter or it's body weight, and the core work usually is easier on the low back. Paul does a great job of explaining the modification and they are similar enough to the other levels to feel like they work the same muscles.

I've been doing the power of 2 level and am thankful to have the other modifications, both higher and lower, as options.

Just an fyi, I'd you pick the power of 2 to do the workout you see all three levels during the workout. If you pick either power of 1 or 3 to do the workout you mostly see close ups of just the version you selected.
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Old 02-27-14, 11:44 AM  
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Thank you so much Sabine!
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Old 02-28-14, 02:07 PM  
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Sure hope this workout is better than his Katami Bar set he released years ago!!!
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Old 03-23-14, 11:29 AM  
Jane C
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Updating - I'm kinecticflix-ing my way though but can report I very much like the series. Its intense, but at the same time calm, cool, collected. There is plenty of capacity to go at your own pace, he instructs well, cues well, and pays close attention to form both in practice and verbalization. I find him very easy to take (also an Amy Dixon advantage). These dvds fit right in to a (for me) intense cardio/circuit) day. I also like the music off option.

My guy friend - who is fairly athletic - did one of the "change" dvds with me the other night and he was impressed and pleased with the intensity.
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Old 03-23-14, 12:02 PM  
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Anyone know if there is a no-equipment/DVDs-only option to purchase? I have a foam roller and yoga strap so don't need the extras, but I like the look of the workouts.....
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Old 12-24-14, 05:50 PM  
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Old Thread Alert------

Are there any more reviews of this set? Is anyone still using it or have done a rotation and got results? Thanks!
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4x4 system, paul katami

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