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Old 03-16-14, 10:21 AM  
Jane C
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How about BodyPump?
Jane C.

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Old 03-16-14, 10:23 AM  
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Originally Posted by pollytc View Post
Cory Everson! I also had and liked a few step workouts from Lynn Brick. And there was one I had of Karen Voight's that didn't make it to DVD that I used a lot...Strong and Smooth Moves.
Karen's Strong and Smooth Moves is available on DVD. It is on her Strong and Streamlined DVD along with Streamlined Fitness.

You can find at Amazon used for pretty cheap.
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Old 03-16-14, 10:47 AM  
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Originally Posted by blessed_mom_to_3 View Post
Gin Miller's Aerostep and another by her, Best of Step Reebok TV. (A very kind VF'er transferred Aerostep to dvd for me though!)
I'd love it if all the old Reebok workouts made it to DVD. Petra Kolber had several Reebok videos that are still great (Rhythmic Power, Sweat Factory, Dance Step) in addition to the Gin 's mentioned above. I personally think those older Reebok workouts are classics m
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Old 03-16-14, 11:02 AM  
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Originally Posted by Jane C View Post
How about BodyPump?
That's the first one I thought of when I saw this thread! I traded my VHS copy because I was just positive it would be released on DVD but of course that never happened (probably due to music rights).

I remember that Denise Austin stretch tape. I did it so often I had it memorized -- in fact I once *did* do it completely from memory during a prolonged power outage. I find Chatty Denise hard to take, but this one features Quiet Denise.

Another one is Leslie Sansone's 1 Mile Super Challenge, a very nifty and fast one-mile workout. For some mysterious reason it has never been put on any of her DVD compilations. I still do it regularly since I have a combo DVD/VCR, but once that dies I guess I'm out of luck.

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Old 03-16-14, 11:09 AM  
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Susan Powter's Building Strength; Lean, Strong and Healthy; and Burn Fat and Get Fit. To my knowledge, none of these ever went to DVD. They are from her Stop the Insanity days. I know many folks didn't care for her, but I loved how she had people of many sizes and abilities in the first 2 workouts, loved her form tips, her boundless energy, and her message to "modify, modify, modify"!

I used to do these workouts alot. I still have the VHS tapes, ripped them to my PC, and backed them up on an external drive. If they went to DVD, I'd probably buy them!

I never cared for her newer workouts, although I did try the stretch one. Meh.
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Old 03-16-14, 11:20 AM  
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I wish Jane Fonda's old vinyl workout were transferred to audio, I'd definitely use it.
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Old 03-16-14, 11:41 AM  
Vintage VFer
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I have hung on to many of my VHS oldies. Here is a list:

Cory - BSS and Get Hard Arms
Denise Austin - Stretch & Flex
Aaron Lankford - Power Kicks, Strong & Stretched
Rachel McLish - In Shape
Cher Fitness - Body Confidence
Chyna Fitness
Todd Gheiser - Results Fitness (has VFers in it!)
Gin Miller - Best of Reebok TV, New Workout
Tim Cullen - Creative Stepps 1,2,3 & Club Cardio Jam (some had Gay Gaspar)
Scott Helventsen - Navy Seals Workouts
Charlene Prickett - Low Impact, High Intensity, Start Your Engines, Homestretch
Fran Gern - Weights I and Weights II
Gilad - Arms of Steel, Legs of Steel
Weight Watchers - Low Impact Aerobics (Aileen Sheron and Chalene Johnson!)
The Sinister Sisters - CIA 2102: Power Bar Training (I only keep it because DH likes it.)

DH has put some of these on DVD.

Susan, I got the Austin S&F stretch tape on your rec years ago. And, I gave you my Body Pump tape. (You never said if you liked it or not!) I figured it would come out on DVD, too. A kind VFer sent me a copy on DVD-R.
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Old 03-16-14, 12:22 PM  
susan p
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Originally Posted by Alta-tude View Post
And, I gave you my Body Pump tape. (You never said if you liked it or not!) I figured it would come out on DVD, too. A kind VFer sent me a copy on DVD-R.
Alta, I DID!! When it was mentioned upthread I almost jumped out of my chair, lol!

I remember Rachel's In Shape. . . I had totally forgotten about Fran Gern, though; wonder what happened to her?

And speaking of old Reebok workouts, my intro to Petra was Step Rhythm and Moves and I LOVED THAT WORKOUT. I still remember the "chug" and "stomp a bug." lol.

This is such a FUN THREAD. Oh, those were the days! The people who produce workouts are much more prolific these days and much more slick, but some of the oldies were indeed golden.
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Old 03-16-14, 12:33 PM  
Paula N
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At the time, Petra's Step Rhythm and Moves seemed so much more complicated in terms of choreography that what I was used to doing. It, along with Kari Anderson's Body Tech, really helped me transition into the world of more advanced step routines.
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Old 03-16-14, 12:45 PM  
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Originally Posted by Eibhinn View Post
I really wanted 1 minute body, but it seemed to be released and then go out of print within three months or something, and then every copy I ever found was more than I am willing to pay. Oddly, I just checked for it and there is a seller offering it for $11 currently, but like so many independent sellers on Amazon now, they refuse to ship to Canada. And on it's $43.
don't taze me, but I found that DVD at a Savers Thrift shop for something like $2.99. it's in great condition too!

I like Minna too. I wonder why she doesn't put out more videos.

back to the original question, here's my list, some of which were already posted about upthread, all VHS:

cory everson basic sculpting system
cory everson get hard arms & shoulders, and the lower body counterpart
NAC Interval challengs - the first of its kind
Michelle Dozois & Tracy York's 7 Day Solution
Gilad's men of steel's Arms of Steel
VHS released on DVD region 2 but not region 1 (I know you can get a region-free player or re-program your DVD player):
Claudia Schiffer
Elle MacPherson

The Claudia ones are available on youtube, I believe.

I also wondered why some of the older Crunch videos never got converted to DVD. maybe different licensing.

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disclosure: in the years 2002-2004 i had a professional relationship with a distributor of fitness videos; see profile.
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hit the spot, oldies but goodies, vintage workouts

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