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Old 02-22-20, 06:57 PM  
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I know I'm not posting like I use to.

Mainly I'm lifting on my own, and riding my Peloton bike so I just don't have much to say about new videos or streaming sites.
I've got a Fitness YouTube channel Rhonda Gets Fit
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Old 02-22-20, 07:06 PM  
Vintage VFer
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Originally Posted by Lannette View Post
And you enjoyed every minute of them Alta. Come on, be honest. You live to don your tin foil hat.
You're right, Lannette. I'm a monster.

"Be excellent to each other!" - Bill & Ted
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Old 02-22-20, 07:27 PM  
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Originally Posted by Lannette View Post
I wonder if streaming sites have their own forums for like minded folks to post about workouts. I don’t stream so I’m guessing. Or maybe people just follow and post on FB and Instagram. I can’t personally stand either.
Each streaming site I've joined has a separate Facebook group, so yes. Some have a lot of active posters, some are not that active. In some, the instructors post in the group regularly and some are just "fan" pages. There are also more general FB groups that discuss multiple instructors' streaming and other workouts.

I would rather post here than on Facebook, but, like I said, people here don't seem to be that interested or enthusiastic about streaming. I don't know anyone IRL who enjoys working out the way that I do (if anything they just go to a gym), so I'm always looking for a community of people who have the same interests. I have tried to post here to stir up interest but it just hasn't happened. Most people here just aren't streamers. But the people who are have, like me, probably given up on posting here.

Personally the TA or Fasciablaster arguments wouldn't have been a reason to leave if I was finding a community of people with shared interests.

And regarding technology, I still prefer my laptop for posting, even on social media. I think a lot of people do use their phones, but not everyone. In groups that I am in for streaming platforms, I think a lot of people still use an HDMI cable to hook up their laptop to their TV. Although Roku and other types of apps are really popular so you don't have to do that. I got a Roku stick for Christmas and I LOVE streaming platforms that have a Roku app available.

ETA: I just scanned General Discussion and by far, the posts that get the most activity are about older, familiar workouts like Cathe and Essentrics/CS and Gin Miller. There is one longer thread on Barre 3, but that has been around a while and seems to be the exception. Most posters here are still into old favorites (most of whom still put out DVD's), and there's not a lot of chatter about new instructors doing streaming only.
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Old 02-22-20, 07:32 PM  
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Originally Posted by Vintage VFer View Post
You're right, Lannette. I'm a monster.
LOL you know you are!

I think forums in general are diminishing and have morphed into other types of social media.

Personally I don't understand leaving a forum because of a dust up on it. Granted, I've never felt that I was attacked to such a degree that I wouldn't come back, but I also wouldn't like it if I felt I was being "stalked" just so someone could tell me how wrong I was about my fitness/exercise/health choices.

I remember the fascia blaster blow up, but wasn't involved in it and didn't post on the thread. I'm sorry members felt bad enough about the comments to leave us. People can be harsh, particularly since we can't see each other and anonymity can breed contempt. There's a way to express an opinion without being disrespectful or rude. I TRY to think before I post so I don't p&ss people off, but I'm sure I've done it. Doesn't mean I don't value the opinions expressed here and I'm fine if people disagree with my viewpoint. Give and take is what it's all about here, IMHO.
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Old 02-22-20, 07:41 PM  
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hotncmom - What kind of workouts are you streaming? Have you considered joining a check in with others doing similar workouts? I am very interested in streaming, but only in sites that stream my workout, barre, Essentrics, name a few.

Certified Level 3 Essentrics Instructor - September 2020

Hatha YTT - 2011

Your body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down.....

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."
Jim Rohn

"Its not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently. - Tony Robbins

Check out my Instagram account, @fitness.ficti0n.inspirati0n
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Old 02-22-20, 07:45 PM  
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Another one guilty of not posting as much as I used too. This is the most I have posted in a long time as I have been on A/L last week.

Some of my reasons for not posting.

1. Work fatigue. I come home exhausted.

2. Menopause. I am struggling to workout in general, so do not have much to talk about.

3. Old injuries plague me, which hinders the workouts that I actually try to do.

4. Menopause is ruining my sleep hygiene, so I am too fatigued to workout.

5. Not many instructors are putting out workouts on DVD these days, so I am not buying as much, which means I do not have much to get excited about, and I am not a streamer in general.

6. Did I mention Menopause? Well I am going through it and I have never been so unmotivated to do anything in my life. This is terrible I know.

I keep viewing workouts hoping to make me move more, but I just cannot keep up the consistency these days, yet I never needed to be told in the past to exercise.

Based on all these things I feel like a hypocrite for even coming here, but I still love VF and like to check in now and then. I hope I snap out of this lull soon.
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Old 02-22-20, 07:46 PM  
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Originally Posted by sherry7899 View Post
I don't mean this as anything against people who still post, of course!

I was looking up a topic that brought up older threads, and there were so many members who posted that have not been on here in years. It seems there used to be way more discussions that resulted in long and often funny and thought provoking threads.

It makes me wonder why so many people stopped posting here. Did they all start doing gym workouts? Give up exercising altogether? Have major life changes? Switch to all streaming workouts (though they are discussed here also).

Any thoughts? I guess I am trying to get a good discussion going

I agree, I miss so many people!
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Old 02-22-20, 08:05 PM  
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I miss them too, Sherry!

Makes me want to yell....

Linda-- (Proud member of the Watula Fan Club)

Don't just work hard, work smart....Pat Head Summitt

Never give up on your body!-- Miranda Esmonde-White

Word for 2020: Strength
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Old 02-22-20, 08:10 PM  
Joni O
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I’m friends with quite a few people on Facebook who haven’t posted here in years. I’m not sure why. Back in the 90s we were all part of a Strength Check-in that might even have been the first check-in here - looong since defunct. We all went to fitness conferences together, Cathe trips, Christi trips, Kari Anderson trips, etc. We got to be really good friends. And the Friday night VF chats that Wendy set up - sometimes we even had audio - were so much fun.

Way back when I was one of the early moderators (several of us were), there was quite a bit of tension and issues with various posters (not you, Alta). I think some of those who left just got tired of it all. I don’t even remember the fascia blaster brouhaha. This was other stuff and troublesome posters. People from other boards infiltrating and purposely causing problems. People creating totally false personas, sometimes multiple ones. It was pretty bad for a while.

Fun Fact: I’ll bet lots of VFers don’t know that Brenda from Cathe workouts was an early VFer and first met Cathe with us on a VF-only Cathe trip (as all the Cathe trips used to be).

Lots and lots of good VF memories but, as everything does, VF changed with time. I’m really grateful for all the good friends I made here, some of whom I’ve never even met (you again, Alta)! I consider it a very important and wonderful chapter of my life.
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Old 02-22-20, 08:19 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2009
I still visit VF regularly because it's the only place I can get my fitness fix. I don't know anyone IRL in my age group (65+) who exercises regularly, so I'll always appreciate this forum and hope it continues. But as cataddict said, forums in general are dwindling away.

"When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people; as I grow older, I admire kind people." -- Abraham Joshua Heschel
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absent vfers, new members, vf activity

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