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Old 05-07-20, 08:54 PM  
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i've always liked the sets that Cindy Crawford chose for her videos, especially "A New Dimension". also the ones where she's outside.

I've also liked the setting for Michelle Dozois's 10MS Carb Burner and i believe it's the same setting for Kathy Smith's Project You.

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Old 05-08-20, 07:14 AM  
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Originally Posted by tiffanywu View Post
Eoin Finn's Blissology DVD set has the best set! They filmed everything in Bali and the music is also amazing. Love it...
I agree! That is my favorite DVD set, followed by some of the practices in Yoga Warrior 365 (Mountain Warrior in particular).
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Old 05-08-20, 09:02 AM  
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Element Barre Conditioning has a beatiful setting, in a garden with an ocean in the background. I didn't like the workout so I SASEd it to a fellow VFer but wow it was a gorgeous setting.

Here's a clip:

I also like Classical Stretch workouts filmed at the different resorts, makes me feel like I'm at the beach.
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Old 05-08-20, 09:47 AM  
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So far, I'm loving the settings in my Dashama yoga set. At first, I wasn't sure about the yoga set, but a sweet VFer SASEd it to me, and I'm loving the workouts and the set! Agree with Blissology, gorgeous settings.

I also like loft type sets. I love the settings in Ballet Fitness with Nicki McGinty and (though not strictly loft type setting) I love the setting in Eva Barash's Living Room Yoga series.
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Old 05-08-20, 01:29 PM  
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Lee Holden has beautiful sets including the California Coast, forests, and Yosemite. The newest videos were filmed on the coast in Croatia and somewhere in the UK. The UK video (QG for Depression) has that sort of hazy sky that covers northern Europe much of the year and reminds me too much of what I see outside my window. Since we have been in lockdown, however, the weather has been beautiful.

The Body Sculpting Series (1 and 2) from Essentrics are filmed at the beach as is the Stretch Series (well, BSS2 and SS1 are sometimes in a resort-type place, sometimes with a view of the sea).

Blissology has those lovely Bali scenes and the newest offerings on Vimeo were also filmed on the beach in Bali and have good music. Vol. 2 of "Stay OM" has an adorable puppy digging in the sand next to Eoin.

I dislike those sets that look like someone's dirty garage (Paul Katami has a few and there were a number on Alo Moves with that type of set) and all white/plain sets. Bar Method Change Your Body and Accelerated Workout have a very cozy set and Suzanne Bowen's first house in Florida (yellow walls and a large window) is very pleasant.

With so much time spent indoors in front of a computer (now teaching from home), I need to see some beautiful outdoor scenery for my workouts. I also make sure to walk outside for ~1 hour and the dogs really enjoy that.
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Old 05-08-20, 07:28 PM  
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Shiva Rea - Fluid Power, it's filmed outdoors in a gorgeous setting. I've haven't done this DVD in ages, IIRC there are several different practices and each was shot in a different location - all beautiful. I'm going to have to do this soon! This is the only Shiva DVD I own. However, I think she was many videos filmed in other stunning locales!

Ballet Fitness by Jennee
(?last name) - I liked the bright airy studio.
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Old 05-09-20, 06:13 AM  
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I really love the loft ( and the music!) in the Janice Lennard workouts.those are beautifully filmed.
Outdoor workouts are my favorites. I like an old Madeline Lewis walking one in a park with beautiful trees. oh, an old workout in the redwood forest with music by Yanni. Led by Kari and Linda Evans.
and Gilad at the beach of course! c.mon guys!
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Old 05-20-20, 07:13 PM  
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Sets with water in the background and agree about loft style with skyline in the background. Tracie Long had some of my favorites and Classical stretch definitely have great outdoor sets. Gilad's Hawaiian outdoor scenes (with Gilad) definitely make me smile.

Tamilee had a quick toning series with an Asian flair and simple design that was one of my favorite indoor sets.

I prefer indoor sets to have brick walls. Not sure what that's about.
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Old 05-21-20, 07:26 AM  
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I love, love, love beautiful outdoor settings, especially ones shot on sunny days. Any views - beach, mountains, rural, urban. I find them energizing! Next favorites are 'home' or casual settings with big windows or French doors with lovely views like the sets Erin O'Brien and Jessica Smith use (and some KCM like Circuit Burn). I also like quite a few modern industrial-ish bricked or plastered lofts if architecturally interesting with lots of textures and cool lighting.

My least preferred are the (over)used commercial sets we've all seen a hundred times, and the pure white boxes. Anything without windows looks airless to me and literally makes me feel claustrophobic.
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I did a little-know Stacie Clark video the other day (don't recall the title) that made me happy due to the colors and brightness: Large room in shades of light gray, sunlight coming through many windows, three women in fluorescent pink-orange tops.

Every time so far I've decided to start on P90X3, I've Joni-O'd whichever DVD I had put in because the dark looks depressing. I don't know if all the workouts in the set are dark.

Michelle LeMay's Spirit Flow Rejuvenating Core Stretch - The fake setting makes it look like she is on a flying mat. I think it is nuts.
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outdoor settings, set, set design

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