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Old 04-15-20, 11:13 AM  
Vintage VFer
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Thumbs up Team Body Project: A truly low impact interval workout!

I'm not even sure where I got the link to Team Body Project. Whoever posted the link, thanks very much.

They have a truly low impact, intermediate interval workout:

I did it yesterday and it was fun. I went all out for the first three intervals and ran out of gas before finishing the last interval. I had what Gin Miller called "tomato head." Where you face is red from working out intensely.

So many videos claim to be low impact and aren't. Or, there is supposed to be a low impact modifier, but the camera rarely shows them. I'm going to check out more of their workouts.

If you have joint issues, check this one out.
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Old 04-15-20, 01:15 PM  
Denise R
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Thanks for sharing! It looks good!!
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Old 04-15-20, 01:27 PM  
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That looks good. thank you!
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Old 04-15-20, 01:53 PM  
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Yes, thank you!!
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Old 04-15-20, 02:18 PM  
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I did this one the other day. I like Body Project. I am sad they took down a bunch of workouts. They had a great kickboxing workout that I miss.
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Old 04-15-20, 02:22 PM  
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This is great! It reminds me a bit of Charlene Prickett's Low Impact High Intensity workout (without the Canadian Rockies in the background).

Thanks so much!

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Disclosure: I have a personal relationship with a fitness instructor who has appeared in some videos.
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Old 04-15-20, 05:41 PM  
Lucky Star
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This is nice! Thank you!!
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Old 04-16-20, 10:29 AM  
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Thanks for sharing.
Looking forward to to my own “tomato head”.
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Old 04-27-20, 12:02 PM  
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Team Body Project

Thank you so much for posting this video. I have gone on the site and signed up for Free workouts. Real Start Program and the first week is free, so I did sign up for 3 months to see how I will like the rest of the programs. I like that they use real people in the workouts and that the program is 2weeks. I can repeat it or move onto the next level. These are truly low impact workout. I have just started week 2. There are other programs there that is you sign up for the free site, you can move from program to program and week to week to see what is free. I'm sure these are just the ones that are already on YouTube, but I like how they put together the rotations.
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Old 04-27-20, 05:09 PM  
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They just posted another great one recently. I did it yesterday. I think it’s my favorite one of their workouts.

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body project, low impact, low impact cardio, team body project, teambodyproject

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