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Old 05-24-20, 02:11 PM  
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My two go-to workouts when my back starts hurting are:

Jessica Smith - Gentle Yoga - Back & Chest flow
10MS - Pilates on the Ball - Pilates for Flexibility segment
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Old 05-24-20, 02:22 PM  
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Originally Posted by katalina View Post
10MS - Pilates on the Ball - Pilates for Flexibility segment
That's also a good one!

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Old 05-24-20, 03:06 PM  
Karen Beckwith
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Originally Posted by Sollamyn View Post
I haven't had much back pain lately, but when I did, I really liked Yoga to Go - Back to Health. I'd had p.t. for my lower back pain and much of the the Yoga to Go routines were spot on (i.e., used the same stretches/exercises that my physical therapists recommended). Although they didn't bother me, production values for that DVD might be an issue for you, though. (The physician who teaches the course is kind of blah; plain white set.)

This DVD is similar to the DVD mentioned above (which I also have) except it's filmed in Red Rock Canyon outside Las Vegas (not in Colorado). It is the same instructor (Nancy Wile)and it has 3 20-minute sections - Neck, Low Back and Strength and Flexibility. I really like to first two sections but have never done the third one. Her voice does sound a little stilted but I imagine she was nervous. The workouts are very good and I do them frequently because they are so soothing. I highly recommend this DVD.
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Old 05-24-20, 04:21 PM  
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This one makes my low back feel great.

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Old 05-24-20, 04:30 PM  
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T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch is my favorite for stretching the back, although any Classical Stretch/Essentrics workout will do a good job, too.
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Old 05-30-20, 11:59 AM  
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Stretching the diamond is a good one from Sherry Zak Morris:
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