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Old 05-14-09, 12:21 PM  
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Lorianne, I know you said you use CS exclusively with "powerwalking and light jogging"--would you mind saying a bit more about just how much walking/jogging you do? Thanks!
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Old 05-14-09, 12:27 PM  
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Did the Classical Stretch workouts help with the lower body-especially the thighs?

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Old 05-14-09, 12:31 PM  
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Video Sluts Unite! Yes, I admit, I too am one. I can’t seem to stick to one instructor for an extended period of time. I did CLX for the whole 90 days, but that was a miracle and I haven’t done a single Chalene video since I finished in March.

That said, WOW Lorianne, congrats on your results with CS! I am sorta’ kinda’ on that type of rotation now (lots of walking with barre/stretch videos mixed in), but not as strict, and can’t say I’m doing as well as you are; but I’m not as disciplined either, especially in the d**t area.

Like Joan, my “essential” Classical Stretch videos are the old Intense Athlete’s Stretch, and the new Essentrics Flexibility Workout for Athletes. My hips & thighs get so tight after my walk/runs, and nothing gets into the hips like those 2 videos. I also have the 2007 TV Series & the 30-min Express one, and they are great, but to be honest I hardly ever reach for those, except for the ones that are targeted to the Hips. Also, any episode with “scar tissue” in the title is usually geared to rotation & mobility in the hips. I would love to have the 2008 & 2009 TV Series, but I can’t jusify the purchase if I don’t use the ones I have enough.
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Old 05-14-09, 01:38 PM  
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I'd like to poke my head in here and ask a question if I may!

Would you say these Classical Stretch workouts are more geared towards lower body or is it body upper AND lower body??? Or does it depend on which particular workout you choose for that given day?

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Old 05-14-09, 01:50 PM  
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So which DVDs are people using? I am confused by all the various workouts on the site. If someone wanted to get all of the benefit but had a limited budget, which would be the best to purchase?
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Old 05-14-09, 02:10 PM  
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unfortunately I don't have any before pictures. I guess I could throw on my bathing suit & you can email me? if you don't mind looking at a white pasty Canadian. LOL

Tiffany, I'm am your typical pear shape. stick with it, girl!

Beth, I was running 5 miles daily before. just 5 miles per hour. 6 days a week.
I haven't run since March. this is when I exclusively started only CS roughly 1 1/2 daily & walked my dog for a hour. small dog. nothing too fast. he's only a 12lb'er.
I did start seeing results before this, when I powerwalked 4 miles per hour, 3 days a week for a hour & 3 days CS.
but, I switched it up with Miranda's posted rotation (with alittle tweaking. like I said I didn't do CS for 2 hours like she recommended & she had a 30 minute brisk walk) (I did 80 minutes of CS & walked the dog briskly for a hour). & got to my goal weight.
now, I'm waiting on the 2009 series, so I've been powerwalking again 3 days a week ( 4 miles per hour, 1 hour) with the CS 3 day rotation usually 3 segments about 80 minutes, to maintain.
I find if I jog too much, I eat too much.
when I say 1 1/2 of CS it's usually 3 segments. under 90 minutes.

Joni, unlike others here, I'm not a big lover of Miranda. I find her quirky, goofy & strange. her cueing is awful. but, if you get past that, it works.
I prefer Sahra.
the first few times I did CS. I thought they were bloody terrible to be honest.
didn't think it was doing anything. something like Lotte Berk or a bad version of Squeeze.
I do think the newer Miranda's are far more tolerable than her older stuff.
but, their still not perfect.
for as odd as she is, she does know what she's talking about. her clients are Olympians & pro athletes.
she does sound like Julia Child, LOL...worse actually.
they do become repetious, & are somewhat boring after awhile, but, I just can't look back. not knowing what has finally changed body-wise after years, & years of searching & spending a gazillion $ like I have.

Terri, fairly equal for lower & upper body. total body worked in all of them.
even if they are geared toward a specific body part, she still works the entire body.

silvil, my diet isn't perfect. I just finished a Ben & Jerry's in fact. I have a bad sweet tooth & love junk food. but, I do try to stay around the 1800 - 2000 calorie mark. I'm just not into starving myself. & the minute I feel deprived, I want to binge. & you only live once, right?

yes Sherry. my problem area is my butt & thighs. I have always had saddlebags. no matter what I've done. not now. I have done Firm tall step, Sleek Essentials, on & on, & on. still would have saddlebags & cellulite.
my pant legs are finally loose.

hope I answered everyone's ?'s. I'm thinking I sound like one of those infomercial people! Miranda should give me some kind of kick back, huh?

video sluts unite! so funny. love that!

& for all of you who have ordered, please post your success in the future. & thanks for saying I've been inspiring. I'm just trying to help out my fellow sisters. I know how hard it is & always looking for that magic pill or should I say dvd.
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Old 05-14-09, 02:23 PM  
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Lorianne - So, if you were to recommend any...would it be Sahra's 2, over Miranda's?
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Originally Posted by bolieikl View Post
Lorianne - So, if you were to recommend any...would it be Sahra's 2, over Miranda's?
Linda, you & Joni aren't able to find a trade?
that's really hard for me to answer. they are so much the same, yet are different.

value wise, I recommend 2007, 2008 series. I still haven't gotten the 2009. I would hope & imagine they are better than previous.
you get alot of variety on these. yes, they are expensive, but they cover so much. every tendon, muscle group, lots of info versus just the other dvds.
more bang for your buck.
if you go through the 4 dvd set, you'll notice body changes. ie; flexibility, toning. huge range of motion.

Sahra, is a better teacher for me personally. she is more quiet, calm & I just like her style better.
her workout is very much like her mothers. I like that it had a class type feel to it. it's more younger, updated.
if you aren't sure, $ wise. I would recommend trying her first. go with the arms, abs tone dvd versus the Flexiibilty for Athletes. more toning & stretching.
the problem with just recommending one/her dvd over the series, is you don't get to fully appreciate the whole concept behind the essentric training.
when I just recommend the one dvd, this is how I was in the past, with thinking this is just "another" Bar Method type workout.
both Sahra's dvds are quite similar. I wouldn't buy both for a first timer. the only reason why I did, is because I have the entire CS collection now.
they are a great addition to it. I do think Sahra will have more of her own. & from what I understand, eventually Miranda is passing the torch.

wish you all lived next door & I could loan mine to you.
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Old 05-14-09, 03:00 PM  
Joni O
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I should try trading - I've got a million DVDs for sale on other sites because I never know what to trade for here. Maybe tonight I'll pull my list from somewhere and put it on the exchange here. Good idea.
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Old 05-14-09, 03:03 PM  
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This is tempting, but 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day...
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classical stretch, results

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