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Old 05-10-02, 10:06 PM  
Caroline Kim
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3 things

I am not a morning person (given the choice, I'd wake up at noon instead of 6 am, but I'd also be 15 pounds heavier because I would never be able to fit exercise in!)

1) I set my alarm 20 minutes before I have to get up and I hit the snooze button twice. I also have my clock by the bed set 10 minutes fast. Even though I know it's fast, it still helps

2) Check ins and challenges - I am in a weekly check-in and I feel accountable because of that. I also joined the Every Day in May challenge so I plan to stick to it unless an unforeseen emergency occurs.

3) Rotations - I am doing a weekly rotation right now, so my anal personality will not allow me to stray from it.

Aside, from those 3, finding workouts that I love helps immensely. I only want to exercise if it makes me feel good!
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Old 05-11-02, 12:59 AM  
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Originally posted by shannonb

I don't think it is that. I usually get in all of my water during the day, and also drink small sips during my workout. I can't drink a big glass beforehand because all of the sloshing around in my stomach makes me sick.
That nausea thing happened to me a few times when aI first started a.m. workouts. I cured it by incrementally increasing the workout intensity and eating a few bites of something with a couple of bites of protein. (Breton crackers with peanut butter, the nuts in the cereal drive me crazy with nut lust) It used to be Quaker 100% Natural Cereal until I faced the fact that it was 400 calories (my serving size) and then it was Fiber One with a little 100% Nat'l thrown in (love the stuff) but then I changed a little to Kashi Go Lean and then modified to very much smaller portions at 4:30 a. m.

That way I have my first snack of the day at 8:00 a.m. at work during the morning meeting (I work in a dental office) and then I look forward to my 10:00 snack.

Since I was pregnant in 1992 I have had a nausea thing that a little munch takes care of. I also have coffee every morning and water (like you).

I found that a piece of toast or something helps take care of that sloshing and that intense workouts should be either avoided or judiciously planned during the transition period. Firm Vol. 1 floor work always brought on the sloshing. I guess bike riding would do it less.

I found that adding morning workouts only 1-2 days a week to start out with really worked well too. I gave myself time to gradually become a morning exerciser and I used the a.m. converts check-in too. Problems were addressed there too.

Now I am a habitual morning exerciser.
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Old 05-11-02, 06:55 AM  
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All this advice is convincing me to try morning exercise again. I've tried it twice and only did it for about two weeks each time - maybe I'll try again Monday. Thanks for this thread!
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Old 05-11-02, 10:11 AM  
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My Alarm Cat Doesn't Work!

In reply to those who depend on a "alarm cat/dog"--

My alarm goes off, I hit the shut-off button (bypass snooze completely), my cat gets up, turns around a few times, and settles back in for a snooze.

I've been trying to get back into AM workouts for about a month now but have only been able to do it a couple of times a week. I'm sure that if I keep trying, I'll get into the habit. The problem with am workouts is that when I do actually get up early, the cats think that the first priority is breakfast.

The one thing that drives me to keep trying to do am workouts is that it's so great not to have to do it after I get home from work.
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Old 05-11-02, 02:45 PM  
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My 9 month old :-)

She sets the tone for my day. If she gets up too early, I let Rich take our 3 year old in to daycare, and I take the 9 month old in and hit the gym before work.
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Old 05-13-02, 07:08 AM  
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Thanks everyone

Thanks Everyone for some great ideas and inspiration.

With all you excellent words in my head this morning I did manage to get up early (6:15) and I did do a 10 min yoga practice from yoga for energy (Ok so I'm starting easy LOL) and had a lovely leisurely shower too
Day one down

I have a 'sunrise' clock and would highly recommend them, it helped me with the "winter blues" in late autumn last year

Thanks again everyone, you are all awesome

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Old 05-15-02, 07:29 AM  
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Question Where to get a sunrise alarm clock?

Hi everyone --

I know some of you from the Cathe Forums, where I'm a regular yakker (screen name Kathy S.). Here I am a regular lurker (I guess I get all talked out over at Cathe's site!)

This thread has inspired me to try AM exercising -- evenings have become very unpredictable this year and I think committing to AM regularly might just be the ticket for better consistency.

The sunrise alarm clock is a really intriguing idea -- can anyone tell me where to get one and what to ask for, if I'm out searching for one?

Thanks folks!

Legalpeach (a/k/a Kathy S.)
Legalpeach (a/k/a Kathy S. from the Cathe Forums )
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Old 05-15-02, 08:15 AM  
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Hi Kathy S.

Thanks again for sending me the volumes of Cathe rotations recently. Maybe I can return the favor a bit with this link to an earlier thread. It's full of inspiring ideas for AM exercise, including a link to a site selling a sunrise clock. And you should join us at the AM Converts Check-in for weekly inspiration!

Good luck,

Elisa S
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Old 05-15-02, 08:21 AM  
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Hi Elisa!

Thanks so much for the sweet reply and the link -- I'm very intrigued by that clock and will have to show it to DH (for approval of the idea, since he doesn't get up til 6:30 and I'm thinking I'd like to be up about 45 minutes before that).

I'll also join the AM Converts thread for motivation --- great idea!

Glad you're enjoying the rotations!

Legalpeach a/k/a/ Kathy S.
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Old 08-23-02, 10:13 PM  
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find a buddy reward yourself

How about finding a buddy who also works out in the am and have her give you a call to get you going! Or promise yourself a reward if you make it for a period of time. Maybe a massage or new blouse or CD ect.. Earn your treat by getting up and working out!
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morning exercise, motivation

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