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Old 03-30-11, 05:18 AM  
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Hehe, I get a kick out of the clip on youtube for "Country Hip Hop" with Diane Horner, "the newest trend in country line dancing." Apparently they had a tour across the U.S. at some point, sorry I missed that one! LOL Let's do the "cowboy hip hop"
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Old 04-02-11, 09:14 PM  
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I actually liked the Sports Illustrated series and did Cheryl Tieg's circuit workout quite a few times back in the day. I have to second the person who voted for Dawn Brown's Step It Out step workout. She used a cinder block instead of a step -- it was totally unsafe and by far the WORST workout video I've ever done.
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Old 04-05-11, 02:30 PM  
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Originally Posted by readnjog View Post
She used a cinder block instead of a step -- it was totally unsafe...
My ankle twinged when I read that! I'm amazed that workout ever made it into production!
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Old 05-02-11, 05:33 PM  
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I just had to comment about "Hunkercize!" I just found a clip and it is so ridiculously hilarious I am laughing like a maniac! The guy winking just sealed the deal--OMG, thanks to the poster that mentioned this gem---I really needed the laugh!

Oh, and YES it belongs in the Hall of Shame!!
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