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Old 08-07-19, 06:03 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2007
Background exerciser game

If you were making an exercise DVD and you could pick 5 background exercisers to be in the workout with you from all the background exercisers in workouts you’ve done, who would you pick?

My choices would be:

Jessica’s mom
Lauren (from Kelly Coffey Meyer)
Tracy ( from Leslie, Prevention and Weight Watchers)
Dre (from Leslie)
Kat (from Leslie and Weight Watchers)
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Old 08-07-19, 07:07 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2016
Fun thread!! I would have Cede and Lorraine from Cathes workouts. I would have Tracey Mallet (she was a backgrounder for Michelle Dozois before making her own dvds) and same with Toby Massenburg from Patrick Goudeau workouts, before he made his own dvds.
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Old 08-07-19, 07:10 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: New Jersey
Oh goodness, so many! I want to get their names right, so I'll check back with you. Definitely picking two from Christi Taylor's workouts. They always look like they are having so much fun!
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Old 08-07-19, 07:24 PM  
Join Date: Oct 2004
Madison - for her smile alone, and if my workout is boring, she won't let it show. She's in Butt Bible, PowerFit, and some Jillian workouts

Nadyia - also has a gorgeous smile, and she'll keep you on the beat if you're not one who knows how to stay on beat (that would be me). She's in Leslie's walks and leads a few of her own

Cat Chiarelli - she makes everything look graceful. She's in Jeanette Jenkins Bikini Bootcamp dvds, can't remember which others. Instructs 10 Minute Solution Rapid Results Fat Burner

Teri Ann Krefting - her smile is infectious. She's in JJ BBC, MetRx, and Butt Bible. Also has a dvd workout with Tanja, TNT Total Body System

Rebekah Sturkie - I've done a couple of Pink Firm workouts this week and it makes me laugh how she looks over at her castmates with a big smile on her face like she's having the most fun evah! She'd make me look good.
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Old 08-07-19, 07:40 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Canada
Fun thread!

Cedie, she would count for me.

Madison, I love her with her good energy and beautiful smile.

Jillian Michaels, she would do the advanced version of everything, without rest!

Patrick Goudeau, I love him, he always makes me smile.

David Jack, well I love David, so he is welcome!

*** I see now it is only backgrounders from other workouts, so I will have to check later. lol
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Old 08-07-19, 09:43 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2009
Fun thread!

Cede and Rhonda from Cathe workouts

Uchena (sorry if I spelled that wrong)from Amy Bento workouts

Michelle from Ellen workouts

Lori from KCM workouts
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Old 08-08-19, 07:39 AM  
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Andy from the original Yoga Booty Ballet workouts Such a tragedy he wasn't in all of them.

Also the background exercisers in Ellen Barrett's early Studio workouts - a beautiful black woman, and I think one was named Meg? Can't remember names, it's been a long time.

Sam from KCM workouts.

Bev from Margaret Richard workouts.
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Old 08-08-19, 08:20 AM  
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If I were making an exercise DVD, it would be step, and my background exercisers would be:
Kristen Dowell (she was so excellent as the modifier in Seasun's step)
Gay Gasper (she did background for Rob Glick on his bosu step workout and I adore her)
Uchenna (from Amy Bento's step - she's just so awesome and always on time)
Cedie ('cause )

Love reading everyone's comments!
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Old 08-08-19, 08:25 AM  
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Location: Colorado
Fun! I'm bad with names, too, so I won't get five, but I want to throw in a vote for:
Ashley Joy from LIIFT4. That girl kicks butt. She can be the advanced modifier.
I want a guy! I think I'll take the older guy from LIIFT4, is it Steve? He might not have the same drool-factor as some of the younger guys (Steve keeps his shirt on, lol), but I like him and it's good when not everyone is 20-something, y'know?
I'm putting Jessica's mom in mine, too. I bet she doesn't actually need to be the modifier, but she can be if she wants to.
I don't know anyone else's name! I see Andy from Yoga Booty Ballet in Pat's post - I think I remember him, I'll take him lol. And the KCM cast, y'all have mentioned Sam and Lori, I like them both but I'll pick Sam. There, I've got five!
- Laura

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Old 08-08-19, 12:15 PM  
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Phoenix
Definitely the older lady who was in all of the Kathy Smith workouts.
Tamela Hastie so people will talk about my workout dvd.
The girl from Jillian’s DVD’s Basheera? Can’t think of her name.
Jay Blahnik cause he’s awesome.
And another male to be diverse.
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background exercisers

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