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Old 12-08-02, 10:38 PM  
Nancy SV
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Dreaming of life on the road again...
Cathe's new Intensity Series!!!

I think Cathe's new tapes will be perfect - lots of options for those days when one doesn't have much time. But - I will still be able to do the whole full-length option as well. Sounds like a perfect situation with TONS of options!!
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Old 12-08-02, 10:47 PM  
Gina H
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I think I'll just print this thread and give it to my husband- "Honey, this is what I want for Christmas!" I'm running my Firm 6-pack into the ground, but time-wise, they are so perfect for me. Glad to see other suggestions!!!
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Old 12-09-02, 07:59 AM  
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Talking Good luck in the restraint department...

Originally posted by SharonNYC
Ruth, is the yoga segment really terrific. I just got a dvd player and am trying to restrain myself re: purchases. My first buy was Slow & Heavy since I know I'd never do it in its 3-set form -- of course I can't do that kind of weight training until my shoulder heals...but I digress...)

My second buy was Yoga for Strength & Energy (hasn't arrived yet) -- yes! to no more fast forwarding across those two often-used releases!

And has anyone mentioned the LA Power Yoga DVD (20 min each of strength, stamina, and flexibility)?

The Donna Read yoga section of the DVD is 55 minutes. It's fine to do if you're ready for Power yoga with numerous sun sals (with jump backs and forwards and full planks and chaturangas) and little or no instruction. The music is nice and it flows well but it may not do the trick for someone recovering from a shoulder injury . However, the yoga is chaptered for seated poses (about 15-20 minutes of them). Maybe that will be a good place to start.

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Old 12-09-02, 08:43 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: midwest
I really like 7 Day Solution. The cardio and strength workouts may be done together, or they both stand on their own to make great half hour workouts.
Crunch Boot Camp
the cardio from Strong and Smooth Moves
Body Tech cardio is short-- 37 minutes
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Old 12-10-02, 10:10 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: midwest
I forgot to add NAC Interval Challenge and Measured Intensity. I have not done either of these in a while, but every time I do one, I think "I should do this more often."
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Old 12-10-02, 01:11 PM  
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Location: WA State
some repeats here:

The Firm Body Sculpt Blaster
The Firm Cardio Sculpt Blaster
Gilad Quick Fit Chest & Back
Gilad Quick Fit Shoulders & Arms
Gilad Quick Fit Abs
PM Pilates
Winsor Pilates Ab Scultping
Winsor Pilates Bun & Thigh Sculpting
Timesaver Cardio Fat Burner
Charlene's Get the Fat Off
Pumping Rubber On The Ball
Tamilee I Want Those Abs
Tamilee I Want Those Buns
Quick Toning Buns Of Steel
Legs Of Steel (31 min. great to use with sports-bands; though it is difficult to look at her wearing that dorky hat!)

easy to break up:
Reebok Winning Body Workout (Each segment is divided and back of box has breakdown of lower body: 17 min. upper: 13 min. abs: 9 min. The workout is intermediate at most, so I keep it for when I get over being ill mostly.)
"You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true."-Commander Spock, "Amok Time"
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Old 12-12-02, 07:43 AM  
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A couple of hidden gems for timecrunchers

Denise Austin Power kickboxing Workout #2 "Drills"
In less than 25 min you get a well rounded and fun mix of intervals, core training and some yoga.
Yes the cueing inadequate to say the least, but once you get the routine down, it's a great workout. She didn't design the routine herself. A very underrated video, IMO. Also in PAL

Yoga segment in MTV "Advanced workout". 30 min
A little gem, hidden after a boring circuit workout. It's a great mix of stretching and gentle power yoga. Very relaxing. Shot in a beautiful location.
Also in PAL

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Old 12-12-02, 09:18 AM  
VF Supporter
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Location: Vienna, VA
Some more...

Less than 30 minutes:

Mindy's Extreme Intervals split the step and hi/lo);
AM Chi;
PM Chi;
Yoga Sculpt w/ Karen Voight - split yoga and core work;
Candlelight Yoga;
Candace Copeland's Dynamic Stretch - 3-10 minute stretch sections;
Also, if you have Christi's Totally series on DVD (and know the routines very well), do the warmup and then go right to all 6 combos and do them 2 times and then go to cooldown/stretch;
Fit to Kick can be split in two for 2 30-minute workouts

The first half of Cathe's MIC (hi/lo) is 35 minutes

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and card-carrying member of the Tough Love Club
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Old 12-12-02, 12:03 PM  
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Sizzler, Too

Denise Austin's Sizzle has a 30 minute interval work out. You can continue on with an abs section, or not.
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Old 10-18-07, 12:44 PM  
Sue B
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Time to revive this thread
My blog: Arrow Dynamic Mom

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favorites, hit the spot, short workouts, sizzler, yoga now

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