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Old 08-16-19, 07:26 PM  
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Old 08-16-19, 08:06 PM  
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Originally Posted by laurajhawk View Post
There are a few of us around here enjoying our old Gilad workouts. The TV ones - Bodies in Motion and Total Body Sculpt- have 22-minute episodes, so theyíre short and pretty fun.

Good luck! Itís great that youíre getting back into some activity!
Giladís Quick Fit set is one of my go to DVDs when struggling to get back on track or need a quick workout. The strength sections are short and the scenery is great.
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Old 08-16-19, 08:44 PM  
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Welcome back and good luck with both your fitness plans and your son's therapy.
Consistency over intensity.
~ Gina ~
"Remain cheerful, for nothing destructive can pierce through the solid wall of cheerfulness." ~Sri Chinmoy
"We are so fortunate that we get to exercise!" ~Erin O'Brien
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Old 08-17-19, 06:17 AM  
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Thanks everyone! Some great suggestions. Many of which I forgot about. I think I may actually have some Gilad buried in my collection along with Margaret Richards. In the past I definitely have had the attitude of all or nothing. I realize now this is not what my body needs. I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things and taking it slower this time around
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Old 08-18-19, 06:52 AM  
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I agree with what everyone said - find something you like, that will keep you coming back for more.

If you like Ellen Barrett she has a streaming service for $5.95/month. She puts out one new workout a month of varying lengths 15 - 45 minutes and she also puts out a manageable looking weekly schedule. This has been a tough year for me motivation wise and personally, so I have relied on Ellen quite a bit b/c I always found her workouts to be low dread and pleasant.

I also second the recommendation for Pahla Bowers - she talks a lot, but her workouts are good and the chattiness passes the time and it is all good stuff about fitness, health, aging, etc.

And, of course there is Jessica Smith who has a variety of workouts on You Tube.

I also like Jenny Ford - if you like old school step and weights.

Another You Tube channel I like is CocoLime Fitness - she focuses on lower intensity workouts for people with health issues - but really, they are good for anyone who doesn't want to do high impact or high intensity. She has a variety of workouts of varying lengths.

Good luck!!!

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Old 08-18-19, 10:40 AM  
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Welcome back!

I'm another restarter who's had some success this year in figuring out what I will actually DO that my body can tolerate.

It took forever and lots of mistakes to realize that I'd been working out too intensely for where I am right now. I'd workout, get sore and take a break that became a hiatus.

After a long period of almost nothing I joined the Y and started taking a few gentle yoga classes twice a week. One seated, the other a more ordinary gentle practice (on the mat). Doing that for a while helped a LOT, then I added in some walking on the treadmill.

I've gradually realized that what I needed was a greater amount of gentle exercise that didn't try to exceed my current limitations. Working within my limits on a fairly regular schedule has really made a difference.

I'm adding in a bit of yoga at home in the same gentle vein, sometimes with J Brown's yoga dvd, sometimes with Jane Adams, but also sometimes just on my own in a sequence that seems to make sense to me, including some forward bends, back bends, a bit of a twist, etc. Nothing fancy or strenuous, and using standing sun salutations and a relatively limited number of downward facing dog poses. (Don't want to aggravate my shoulders again.)

I practice yoga because I want to return to a seated meditation practice and my hips are so tight I have trouble sitting on the floor in a comfortable position, so it's definitely a work in progress.

Sometimes I find I've over done it, but then I remember to take some tylenol and am feeling better fairly soon.

It's definitely a process, and I'm by no means an expert, but I seem to be learning what my body needs.

Sorry to ramble, but I thought I'd share what seems to be effective for me just now.

Best of luck in finding what works well for your needs.
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Old 08-18-19, 05:17 PM  
Kathleen Ann
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Originally Posted by bubbles76 View Post
For restarting, I always recommend the Powerfits. They are easy to adjust up or down, on the shorter side, and have controlled movements. Stephanie Huckabee is also very calm and encouraging. If you want someone a little perkier, I also like Kathy Smith. Her personality just makes me want to work out with her . I also like Margaret Richard's Unplugged series. Very calming, easy to adjust up or down. She does do some floor work, so I'm not sure if she would be best for your hands and wrists, come to think of it.

The 10 Minute Solution workouts are also very good.
Me too! I always start with the Powerfits. In fact when I get home after this family crisis and not working out for a long time, I'm starting with them.
KATHYgrateful for a working body
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