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Old 07-23-19, 03:28 AM  
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Workout Like Liift4

I really liked the results I got from Liift4. After a few rounds though got kinda bored and really didn't like the cast too much. Now I don't have beachbody anymore but would like something similar with Weights/Hiit/Core. Anything out there like that or a combination of some? I don't want something with a ton of reps and prefer body splits, not total body workouts.

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Old 07-23-19, 01:02 PM  
Kathy G
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The only workouts I can think of that follow a variation of LIIFT4 are in Cathe Live. Do you subscribe to Cathe Live? She has some HIIT with Upper body & Core, HIIT with Lower body, 15/15/15 (HIIT/Lower/Upper), and tons of variations of similar set ups. There are now 256 workouts filmed and archived!

If you're looking for dvds, you can combine Cathe Burn Sets (each muscle group has three sets of three different exercises and a band burn set) but you can use one of the premixes + Cathe HIIT + an ab segment from Ab Hits.

Or you can use Cathe ICE Melt premix (upper body giant sets) + Cathe HIIT + one of the ICE ab segments.

Hope that helps!
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Old 07-23-19, 02:04 PM  
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JNL Fusion has strength with cardio throughout. The set also has pure cardio and an ab workout. Barry's Bootcamp has upper/lower splits with cardio moves between strength moves, and includes an ab workout. Cindy Whitmarch also has 10 days to a better body. ACE HIIT is upper/lower splits alternating strength and cardio as well.
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Old 07-23-19, 04:57 PM  
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Location: Florida
Thanks for the replies. I don't have Cathe Live, but have thought about trying it out. I do have the burn sets so that may work.

I have never done JNL Fusion, may have to look into that and the others mentioned.

Thanks again.

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liift 4, liift4, workouts like liift4

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