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Old 03-25-02, 12:31 PM  
Genevieve M
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Roslindale, MA

You've definitely come to the right place!!! My suggestion is to try a real rotation. The Firm has beginner/intermediate rotations listed on their website.

A rotation serves as a roadmap. You don't think about what do to do, you just do it. It is easy to set a routine that way.

I might also suggest 2 books that really helped me:

. Body for Life - discusses the connection between weights, cardio and nutrition in creating a healthy lifestyle.

. Seven Days in the Zone (Barry Sears) - gives more insight into the Zone diet. I modified this to fit my own lifestyle, and it has been great.

Hope all these suggestions have helped.
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Old 03-19-03, 11:26 PM  
angel nee nee
Join Date: Mar 2003
Believe you can accomplish your goal and imagine healthyer happier you.

Take baby steps

Don't beat yourself when you can not do certain exercises or when you slack. Be proud of what you accomplished, even small things, and move on.

Write down your progress.

Good luck! Feel free to pm me anytime!
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Old 12-29-11, 05:33 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2008
I look in the mirror. Seriously.
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Old 01-11-12, 12:07 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2011
Health, mirror, fit comfortably in jeans, feel good and feel fit.
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faq, motivation

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