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Old 04-18-06, 10:17 AM  
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Texas - free 15 minute mat class for your ipod
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Old 04-18-06, 10:31 AM  
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Location: Blacklick, Ohio
Also, Cinza had a link listed the other day:

free 90 minutes vinyasa power yoga class
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Old 05-11-07, 01:09 PM  
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Location: Columbia County, NY
Shiva Rea's Yoga Sanctuary CD is wonderful. I find I prefer it to many videos. Sometimes it's easier for me to do yoga when I don't have to see someone who can stretch so much further than I can.

Also, the Couch to 5K podcasts (free, at, are great if you want to get started running.
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Old 04-29-08, 12:16 AM  
Join Date: Feb 2007
Free Marine Corps cadences for running

I thought these Marine Corps Cadences would be fun for running!

People who use them report increased motivation and endurance. Plus, you would feel really tough!
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Old 08-22-09, 09:20 PM  
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Location: Illinois
I didn't see on the list ( has the same info). It's a great selection of FREE workout music. There are both steady-state mixes (at one BPM), and three interval training programs of 10 weeks each (one each for prepping to run--I use them for walking--a 5k, 8k or 10k). There are also a few of a couple of other types of mixes, like a ramp mix that goes from 150 bpm to 160 to 170.
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Old 02-18-11, 06:57 AM  
Join Date: May 2009 I workout with Heather on the Toning Show. Free, full length (45 mins), follow along workouts daily. They also have pilates, bootcamp, strength, tabata and kenpo workouts.
You have to sign up (it's 100% free), but they do not spam or ever send you anything. Most of the above programs use BodyLastics bands.

I use FireFox w/ DownLoadHelper and VLC to watch them later.

Loving the free workouts!
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Old 07-11-11, 03:12 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2003
I didn't see a sticky for the updated free workouts thread so I'm adding a link to it here.

It would be nice to have it consolidated into the FAQ's for easy reference but I don't have the clearance to start a new thread in FAQs.

ETA: New link
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audio, digital, downloadable workouts, free, free workouts, podcasts, podrunner, streaming video, yoga audios

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