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Old 04-23-20, 12:20 PM  
Vintage VFer
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Question Leslie fans: How often do you do her 5-milers?

I have several of her 5-mile workouts. My two favorites are her Advanced 5-Mile Walk (2005) and her Miracle Miles: 5 Mile Walk. I don't do them every week, but often on a Sunday. Of course, every day is Sunday for me now.

The Advanced one has three miles that use boosters. Changing the boosters (hand weights, walk belt and the stretchie band) makes time go by faster.

The Miracle Mile on she uses a more varied selection of moves. The 5 miles seem to go by quickly.

Her other 5-milers are OK.
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Old 04-23-20, 01:21 PM  
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I don't think I've ever done all 5 miles at once. Three is about my limit. Lately I have been using my step and/or very light hand weights and kind of make up my own routine as we go along. It's been working out well.
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Old 04-23-20, 01:23 PM  
Joni O
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Iíve never done 5 miles.
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Old 04-23-20, 01:55 PM  
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Location: Texas
I will do her 4 Mile Super Challenge every once in awhile, but 2 or 3 miles is my normal. I have done individual miles from the the 5 mile Miracle Mile walk and I like them (especially mile 1 walk concert), just haven't put them all together. I think it's because I don't want to put in more than an hour, but if I'm home with nothing else to do I might just go for it!
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Old 04-23-20, 01:57 PM  
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if it is my main workout, i usually do 5 miles.
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Old 04-23-20, 02:59 PM  
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I think I may have done five miles ONCE in all the years I used Leslie workouts. I usually did two or three miles. I cannot do them at all now. They bug my hip flexors.
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Old 04-24-20, 07:33 AM  
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Location: Michigan
Here are the Leslie 5 Milers I have:

Walk 15: 5 Mile
5 Boosted Miles
Miracle Miles: 5 Mile
Just Walk 5 Mega Miles
Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan
Walk Slim 5 Really Big Miles
Walk It Off & Tone It Up
5 Day Slim Down
5 Mile Advanced Walk

I enjoy all of them. Doing the 5 mile workouts makes me feel accomplished!
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Old 04-24-20, 01:01 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: MI
Maybe once or twice. 5 miles just seems too long to me and too much Leslie.

What I am doing now is doing my main workout in the morning (this is normal) and then I will put in a 3-5 mile walk tape (either Jessica or Leslie) and every couple of hours go downstairs and do a mile to break up the work day. I do a different mile each time, and I am working my way through the workouts I haven't used in a while. Even found one that I am going to put up on the trade block, Gina B's dance walk, just seemed to slow or something to me.

Now that we are home til 5/15, new order came today, I will continue this unless the weather gets better than I will go take a break outside and walk for 10-15 minutes.
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Old 04-24-20, 01:56 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2006
Before menopause, I did the 5 mile Advanced Walk a couple of times a week.

I haven't been able to do 5 miles since menopause. I'm working up to it. It's my dream goal.
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Old 04-24-20, 02:14 PM  
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I rarely do all 5 miles. The only one a do and enjoy is the Walk 15 Express Cuts 5 mile walk.

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5 mile walk, express cuts, leslie, leslie sansone

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