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Old 01-28-02, 07:39 PM  
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Question Results from Kickboxing question

For those of you that have seen results from kickboxing, how many days per week did you do a kickbox workout? I just got the PowerStrike Millenium series. I did the first one this morning. My butt is sooo sore tonight. So I was thinking about doing something different and doing a kickboxing rotation. Would 3 days a week be enough if I did Tae Bo AL's, Power Strikes, or Cardio kicks on those 3 days? Additionally I will probably do one other cardio, full body strength and a yoga tape to get in 6 workouts for the week. So I'm really curious about how many kickbox workouts you KBers did during a week and saw results. Also which KB workouts did you do?

Laurie Bourgeois
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Old 01-29-02, 06:19 AM  
nancy c
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I had the best success with 3 days

Laurie, I posted a long reply last night...and obviously...too long because aol booted me before I hit post, I think they thought I was idle too long.

Anyway, I had the best success with doing pretty much what you plan to do. I had been taking a live class that was very close to what a Powerstrike/Taebo class would be if you combined the two. I took it 3 days a week and when I skipped a class...I usually filled it in with a KB tape. I also fit in some Cathe strength and crosstrained with another cardio if I had time.

My body loved that combo. It not only had me at my most fit level...both strength and endurance..but it showed too..hey, ya gotta love those added benefits. I was the leanest I have ever been. What I also love about's so incredibly well rounded. A killer KB workout can give me the same DOMs as a good strength workout. There are few aerbic workouts that make your biceps scream the next day. Same goes for core strength, I hardly ever did traditional abs with my KB schedule...I had a tighter core and better posture just from the workouts alone. Plus, as you works the ol' hiney pretty good too..with no floor work...gotta love that.

Laurie, I had the chance to talk a little with Debbie Burns at the CIA conference. She is truly inspiring...her upperbody is incredible. I asked her what she did for strength..and it's mostly her conditioning from KB.

I'm going back to 3 days of KB as my my strength around it and fit in other cardios when I see if I can get back a little of what I worked hard to get before.
I'm not going to go back to the class like I had been doing...I have videos now that are equal or it'll be Powerstikes/Taebo mostly...and any drill style tape like those that kick my butt...Fit to Kick...Cardio Kicks..maybe a little of Janis' newer tapes like Strikezone. It's the drill stuff that I think makes it work the best.

I say try it'll have company. Sounds like you have a good variety of tapes to keep you motivated too...that always helps.

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