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Old 07-30-21, 06:59 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Virginia
My workout yesterday was 50 minutes on the elliptical.

Karjoy - With the CDC I think that as more research results come in, they adjust their policies. At least that's what I saw in yesterday's article in the Washington Post. The CDC staff were seriously worried when the data came in about the delta variant and changed their guidance on masking.

Hi to everyone else. Have a good day.
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Old 07-30-21, 07:59 PM  
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Went to Burn after work for legs. Wore my mask and it did not bother me at all. Even though it wasn’t cardio per se, it was pretty intense. The mask did not get damp at all which surprised me. It was just a disposable blue health care mask with ear loops. Burn has purchased some really heavy dumbbells like 50-60 pounds. We have not used them standing yet except maybe for holding one to do Sumo squats. But we used them tonight to do glute bridges and our instructor had a great tip to handle them for floor work. Lie on your back and then roll to
Your side (side the DB is on) and sort of snuggle the weight to your side and then roll to your back with the DB on your hips. Worked like a charm. I managed to use a 50 pounder. They have some heavy KBs too.

Jbliff yeah I wore the mask partly because of the new CDC reports. How is your wrist?

Hope everyone is doing well.
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Old 07-31-21, 01:18 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Virginia
My workout yesterday was ICE Chiseled Upper Body + core. I kept the weights light--nothing heavier than 8 lbs and either did presses instead of pushups or did the pushups on my knees and went pretty shallow to keep the stress away from the wrists. I also did some pushups on my fingertips like I used to do in karate class. That way you keep your wrists fairly straight--almost like having pushup handles.

Karjoy - That's good you were able to wear the mask and work out. My wrist is doing better every day now that I'm paying more attention to the kind of weights I can lift right now. It's a little frustrating using such light weights but it's better than not being able to move my fingers!

Waves to all. Have a good day.
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Old 07-31-21, 01:34 PM  
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Drive by: HI! I am signed up for the Cathe trip!

Lately been just doing walks (Rick Bhullar's Uplifting Walk and Uplifting Walk 2) and stretching as my tennis elbow has been back full force the past two weeks. But I was feeling energetic and a bit better today so I did Caroline Girvan's Beast Mode total body today - and tacked on a Rick Bhullar 15 minute 2,000 step walk that is available on the membership side of things. Caroline's workout was great - although I do have to modify and lifted lighter as I'm testing out my elbows. I am finding I really enjoy her workouts (YouTube).

Hope everyone is doing well! I'll try to catch up in a bit.
"A healthier future is every tiny step we take, or every little rep, that ultimately leads us to our goal." Arnold Schwarzenegger

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MET-Rx 180 Graduate
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Old 07-31-21, 09:35 PM  
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Join Date: Oct 2006
Drive by: one hour on the treadmill today. Used several short Peloton workouts.
When I got up this morning it was so humid outside that it was foggy on my deck.
Heat index 106 for hours on end. I did not go out at all till evening.

Gibbee so good to hear from you.

As ya’ll may have heard our governor has signed some kind of law that there will be no mask mandates in Florida. We have such spread here that many of my friends with school age kids are getting really worried. And now this year there is no video school unless you do the formal Florida Virtual School program which is different than online school. God help us.

Waves to Cher and Vannie.
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