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Old 06-23-16, 11:39 AM  
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Is there a rut bug going around?! I'm in a rut too. I haven;t lifted in weeks or barely done anything with consistency. As mentioned earlier, the heat does play a role for me too. It's hot even in the morning here in Texas. My house starts heating up at 8am and is roasting until midnight when the ac finally can start cooling down.
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Originally Posted by bubbles76 View Post
VVFer, which leg workouts from Meso 3 were you doing each week? The Squat Rack Legs or the other ones? I can't imagine doing Squat Rack Legs twice a week. You are hardcore lol!
I'm doing Meso 2 right now. When I did Meso 3 a few years ago, I did the squat rack version. I lifted heavy for me, but not like some of our VF Amazons. I wore a weighted vest to add weight so I didn't have so much in my hands.
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