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Old 12-20-15, 11:54 AM  
Join Date: Aug 2012
Sweatlab Series - talk me in or out of it

I am sooooo on the fence with these. Those of you who've purchased and done some or all of the workouts...How do you like them?

I've watched the clip on Mary's website and am SO. GRATEFUL. for it. Had I not seen it, I would have blindly ordered and found myself:
1) Annoyed with some of the instructors
2) Annoyed with myself because it looks like there are a lot of planks and burpees and other miscellaneous wrist/hand intensive exercises involved. I'm a chaturanga junkie (ducks away) but do have to watch out so my De Quervains doesn't flare up...Some of the moves in these workout look like wrist torture and nothing comes in between me and my Sun Salutations.

Having said all that, I still find myself possibly getting the credit card out. I'm an intermediate level exerciser who likes how intense these workouts look along with the fact that they're fusion-y. LOVE fusion workouts and kinda bored with my current collection. I also like how they're 30 minutes. That's really all the time I can squeak out these day on cardio and toning.

I do have one of the other Dream Body workout series so I'm somewhat familiar with what I'd be getting myself into. I'm just trying to be more responsible with that whole spending money thing (not to mention protective of my wrists) and I could go either way with these. Help! PLEASE!!! Thanks in advance.
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Old 12-20-15, 12:10 PM  
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I don't think anyone has these yet to even chime in.

If you're annoyed by the preview I can only imagine how it will be magnified during the workout. I wouldn't even think about getting a workout if I'm annoyed by a preview, but that's just me

"I'm just one workout away from a good mood." ~ Valerie Waters
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Old 12-20-15, 12:19 PM  
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I'm thinking would you consider Barlates workouts?
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Old 12-20-15, 12:38 PM  
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I like the clean bright set but I know these are way too much for me with all the standing, hit the floor and up again. I returned the original set because it was too frantic. These dont seem quite so intense but still......Not for me.
Agree have you looked at Barlates? Love these and they are a lot harder than they look!

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Old 12-20-15, 12:40 PM  
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Put your credit card away !!!

They're new and they're a half hour---after that they are all wrong for what you say you need. If you are like the average person on this board, they will still keep calling to you like a bad drug. Your intuition on 1st viewing the clip told you all you needed to know. If nothing else, you can at least bargain with yourself to wait until more reviews come out or the price goes down. Judging by what you shared, these will spend a lot of time on the shelf so might as well spend less if you can't shake the jones.
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dream body, dreambody, sweatlab

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