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Old 12-17-20, 04:34 PM  
Denise R
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Has anyone dwindled their dvd collection down?

I'm seriously going to get rid of 100's of dvds and try to pare it down to say all my Cathe's and then a select few (Jessica/Leslie, etc) that I actually use. (shocking I know) I'm kind of scared but am curious if anyone has done this and what positives did it help you accomplish. I may keep a select few in different categories (say yoga/pilates/ballet to name a few) but really want to get my HUGE collection down.

I have quite a few VHS that I'll be unloading too. I think what I will do is start by listing a few of the ones I'm not keeping here as freebies (both vhs and dvd once I start organizing).

Just curious, for those that have done this, how did you narrow it down? Did you get "anxiety" giving them up or did it feel freeing?

I mean some of these workouts I haven't touched in YEARS so my thinking is narrow it down so it is easier to make a selection daily versus having too many and "not knowing what to do because I can't decide". (hope I'm making sense)

I'd love to hear thoughts on those that have done this successfully and how it worked for you!!

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Old 12-17-20, 05:49 PM  
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I did a big purge once I found Tracy Anderson.

I kept a few in each category - so I kept a few pilates, my favorite yoga, 4 firms. Right now I'm reducing space by moving workouts into multi-cases - both cardio barres are in one case now; 3 callanetics on one case.

It was a mix of anxiety and freeing. Freeing to have more space; anxiety because DVDs are going away so chances are I can't re-acquire it if I want to. However, several I was keeping but not likely to use are on youtube now- so I gave those away and made youtube playlist.

Overall, I'm glad I rid of/am getting rid of dvds.
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Old 12-17-20, 05:58 PM  
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I did, a kept a few systems and some of each genre. Alot of it is on youtube now which is awesome. And some stored away in my GD.
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Old 12-17-20, 06:01 PM  
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I am thinking of selling off 25-30 dvds/sets cause I'm not reaching for my dvds as much since I have a gym set up in my house, and well, some I'm just not interested in doing that much.
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Old 12-17-20, 06:19 PM  
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I did this a few years ago and Iím now sorry I did. Iíve been reacquiring a lot of them lately. I like having a big variety to choose from.
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Old 12-17-20, 06:23 PM  
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The thing is they aren't worth much... So I'm keeping them.
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Old 12-17-20, 06:31 PM  
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Originally Posted by hdw View Post
The thing is they aren't worth much... So I'm keeping them.
This is my thought too.
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Old 12-17-20, 06:38 PM  
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Before our major move out of state, I went through all of my DVDs and kept the ones I loved the most. Each day I would do a workout that I wasn't sure about. If I didn't like it, I got rid of it. I had to at least enjoy it enough where I knew I'd want to do it again. If the DVD had a 10 minute segment that I loved, I kept it because sometimes I like having add-on workouts. Good luck!
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Old 12-17-20, 06:41 PM  
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I'm in the process of doing that now. There's only a few instructors I enjoy now so I'm purging and acquiring the ones I want from those few. I'm tired of feeling guilty looking at all the ones I'll never use again.
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Old 12-17-20, 07:15 PM  
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I keep trying and failing . But I am planning on a SASE list in the new year. That's progress.
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