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Old 08-25-19, 10:36 AM  
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Yoga for tired legs (those on their feet a lot)

Iím looking for some yoga practices for tired legs and feet. Iím on my Legs all the time when Iím working and legs hurt. Any practices good for that? Thanks!
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Old 08-25-19, 02:30 PM  
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I'm always on the lookout for yoga/stretch for tired, achy legs!

I really like the Evening Practice from Jane Adams Gentle Yoga. It starts seated on a chair, then moves to the floor and uses a strap. ~30 min

I also like the Awakening the Muscles of Balance (or titled something like that) from the Stronger Standing Balance DVD. It has a seated portion where you massage the feet and pull the toes and crawl the feet forward and back (while seated). ~20 min

Also, the Gentle Strengthening from Balance & Strength is nice because it's seated and has some foot articulation and feet rotations/circles. Though it's not lower body focused, I sometimes reach for it when my legs are sore. ~20 min
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Old 08-25-19, 08:13 PM  
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Originally Posted by alisoncooks View Post
Sherry - these are great! Thanks for sharing!

You are welcome! I hope they are helpful.
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