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Old 09-03-11, 10:02 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2005
Whose classes have you taken live? Whose do you want to take?

Last weekend I attended Dallas Mania for (I think) the 13th straight year. In the past I've taken classes with Patrick (my all-time fav), Petra, Gin, Keli R., Mindy, etc. + many others, some who do home videos and some who do not. This year was pretty much the same as last year (not a big year for new stuff) so I wasn't super excited about going. However, Amy Dixon was on the schedule for several classes, so I was excited for that since she's never been there. I took a cycling class with her, and she is an excellent live instructor. I really hope she comes back as I would definitely do more of her classes. She is really great with motivational cues, and at the end of the class people were talking about how good she was. I'm pretty sure I was probably the only one there who knew her from her home video work (or knew who she was at all). She said "going breathless" multiple times in her cycle class which of course reminded me of Breathless Body.

As far as whose class I would love to take live- KCM. That probably won't ever happen as she doesn't seem to do instructor training. I've never seen her name on a convention schedule, and I'm not likely to be heading her way anytime soon.
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Old 09-03-11, 10:08 PM  
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Join Date: Jul 2008
So funny! I did KCM's TLC this morning and as I was doing it I was wishing I could have a live class with her!!!

I have been fortunate enough to take classes with Burr Leonard, Cathe, Mindy, and Tracy Reifkind (personal training and a class).
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Old 09-04-11, 02:42 AM  
Join Date: Sep 2010
Esther Fairfax, who is Lotte Berk's daughter, John Scott and David Swenson. David Swenson's physical capabilitywas awe inspiring.
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Old 09-04-11, 05:33 AM  
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Phoenix
Judy Sheperd Missett of Jazzercise
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Old 09-04-11, 05:56 AM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Ohio
Kimberly Spreen, Billy Blanks, Keli Roberts, Jen Carmen, Tracie Long, Susan Harris, Tamala Hastie (I'm sure there are more from the FIRM trip but it's been ages since I went). Kimberly's was a heavy bag class and it was seriously the toughest workout I have ever done (and I loved it)!!
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Old 09-04-11, 07:44 AM  
Joni O
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Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: Twin Cities, MN
I have taken Cathe, Christi Taylor, Rob Glick, Patrick Goudeau, Keli Roberts, Mindy Mylrea, Kendall Hogan, Andre Houle, Seasun Zeiger, Gay Gasper, Jay Blahnik, Kari Anderson, Nancy Tucker, Stephanie Huckabee, Tracie Long, Jen Carmen, Allie del Rio, Janet Brooks, Rebekah Sturkie, Emily from The Firm, Tamela Hastie, Christa Suggs, Allison Davis, Pam Cauthen, Libby Heath - that's all I can remember offhand. I've been to a lot of fitness conferences and on Firm and BodyFit trips.

I will probably take more classes from current and ex-Firm insreuctors when I go back to visit next year.
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Old 09-04-11, 07:53 AM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Buffalo, NY
David Swenson and Gurmukh.

David is a wonderful teacher, an amazing yogi, and he is very, very funny. That aspect of his personality isn't highlighted in his DVDs, but is definitely a major part of who he is personally, and it's quite delightful. At one workshop I attended, he was imitating the 'yogic voice' (this fake, breathy, 'spiritual' voice) and it was hilarious. He is also really encouraging and just a nice person. I recommend his workshops to anyone who has any interest in yoga whatsoever. He wears his mastery very, very lightly.

As I have said before, Gurmukh's classes are legendary in the kundalini yoga community. Because she is very into the experiential aspect of yoga, you don't get instructions on modifications from her; because of that, I would not recommend her to be one's first exposure to yoga, or to kundalini yoga for that matter, but she's very inspiring. A terrific advertisement for the benefits of a yogic lifestyle, for sure.

There is no way of telling people they are all walking around shining like the sun--Thomas Merton

Never sacrifice the breath for a posture--David Swenson

People have done all kinds of remarkable things because they thought they could. People routinely fail to do quite ordinary things because they assume they can't--Reinhard Engels

Disclosure: I have a personal relationship with a fitness instructor who has appeared in some videos.
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Old 09-04-11, 07:53 AM  
in paris
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: we're not in paris anymore, toto
Have: Richard Simmons, Jane Fonda, Mari Winsor, and Twyla Tharp

Plan to: Gurmukh, Steve Ross, and Erich Schiffman (if scheduling allows)
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Old 09-04-11, 08:21 AM  
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: NJ
I take at least one class per week with KCM since I belong to her gym. I have also taken classes with Lauren (the modifier in KCM's DVDs).

I really have no desire to seek out anyone else and take a live class.
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Old 09-04-11, 09:34 AM  
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: SC
I've taken two classes with Ellen Barrett (one this summer and one last summer while visiting DH's family) in CT. They were awesome! She is awesome! If she's still teaching classes the next time we visit, I will definitely make it to more than one class. I would love to go to one of her upcoming Kripalu weekends, but I'm not sure about doing that trip by myself since it's such an out-of-the-way location (but I guess that's the point, LOL).

As for classes I'd want to take, it would be Leah Sarago (not sure she even does classes), Miranda/Sahra, and Lis from CF. It's my goal to visit NYC for a few days and take a CF and P57 class.
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