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Old 08-23-11, 07:49 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2011
Unhappy I know I'm not the only one...I miss my furrbaby

I'm mostly a long time lurker and don't post much...
I've read the most recent postings of others who were either fighting a health battle or who had lost their furrbaby...made me ache for each one when reading those...I was afraid to post then, didn't want to jinx my Odie as he was doing so well up until the 1st week in August

Now it's my turn to grieve I guess
We had to say goodbye to my 20yr old cat Odie after he lost his battle w/kidney disease on Saturday 8/6/11 [he made it to 20yrs and 8mo...those 8mo count at that age]

He lived a long and beloved life, he survived my nasty ex husband, a stroke in 2005 and brain cancer 2008...I married again in 2007 and my hubby and Odie became best buds...Odie beat all the odds by a long shot...they gave him 1yr at most after the brain tumor removal w/o radiation and his 3yr survival anniversary was 6/25/11... each day was a gift and Odie got a lotta love from hubby & I

I got Odie when I lived alone in Omaha as a 7wk old kitten, cute little black & white tuxedo Maine Coon ...what a chatty furr ball...He's been my most consistent positive being in my life...I have a wonderul loving husband, a cute 10yr old maltese Feather and our new luv Ms Bunny...the young, beautiful gray stray cat that adopted us 3 months ago...I am truly grateful for my husband, my other furrbabies and all the wonderful years I had w/Odie...

Yet it has been a couple weeks already, and I see I'm just not going to get over this...I don't have any regrets or doubts about his passing...I know we did everything we could possibly do for him, it was just his time...I'm just plain sad ...I MISS him...sheeeeze, I feel like a 46yo BABY but my heart just aches without him...20 years is a looong relationship and he was woven into everything in my life

I've spent a lot of time here reading on VF while luvin up on Odie, especially the last 6mo or so...I've enjoyed all the chat about new workouts, rotations, and instructors...I've learned so much & bought a multitude of DVD's ...yet I've foregone the am workouts to snuggle w/Odie on the couch and have only managed a sporatic workout schedule...I have weight to loose and I know I will feel better if I get my butt movin...I thought since Odie passed I would be able to just get up and get right at my AM workouts... but I've felt stuck...I know I need to...and am otherwise anxious to do more...but when morning comes I'm just so sad not to have that time w/my luv...shoot I even have a rapidly approaching trip to Australia in October...that should be enough motivation

anyhoo, I know I'm not alone as I know there are many others here missin their furrbabies...
I just need to get to it! ....does no good to be so so mopey...
so if you are still here readin this long winded, sappy post...feel free to give me a swift kick in the pants!...
thanks for letting me whine a bit
ms Buttons
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Old 08-23-11, 08:04 PM  
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huge huge hugs
you can have my caffeine when you pry it from my cold dead hands
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Old 08-23-11, 08:10 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2009
Buttons11, I'm so sorry!!! You don't need a kick in the pants! Don't be so hard on yourself, your precious Odie was with you through almost half your life!!! He sounded like one amazing, strong willed kitty! Allow yourself the time it takes to grieve. I understand the loss of a pet, it's the worst. ((((HUGS))))

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Old 08-23-11, 08:11 PM  
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I'm so sorry buttons...I had to let my little mutt Chui go on August 17, 2011, three weeks before his 15th birthday. I cried solid for two days then realized that I had him for almost 15 years and only the last 4 days of his life were bad as he got sicker and sicker...the other 14 plus years were wonderful, and that is what I try to focus on when I begin to get sad. And believe me, my dog left me with tons of funny, goofy and wonderful memories. I told my boyfriend that I would rather hurt 1000 times more than I did the day I had to let him go than to miss one moment I spent with him, and that still holds true.

Hugs to you.
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you go to it."
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Old 08-23-11, 08:14 PM  
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My beautiful, loyal (and very neurotic) Jack passed away in 2008. I got Penny (less loyal, also beautiful, a little bitchy) a week later. She helped me immensely. I still love and mourn Jack but having another cat to enjoy life with is a tremendous solace.

Nobody Said It was Easy.... --The Scientist
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Old 08-23-11, 08:17 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2002
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Buttons--I'm so sorry for the loss of your kitty! He was truly lucky to have you and had an amazingly long life. My dog, Lucy, died in 2/10 and my heart still breaks over her passing. DeeDee I am sorry for your loss father died years ago and I've been through a divorce as well and those events were difficult for me, but losing my pets were the hardest things for me to endure. Hugs to you both.
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Old 08-23-11, 08:18 PM  
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(((hugs))) and prayers to you.
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Old 08-23-11, 08:24 PM  
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Buttons... so sorry to hear about Odie. I don't have my own pet so I cannot imagine how hard that must be to lose a furry friend. My Dad just lost one of his dogs last week, he is pretty bummed out about that, I am as well.

Take comfort in all the good times and years you had together. He is grateful to you for the life you gave him, as well as your DH.

Same goes for all who have lost pets...
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Old 08-23-11, 08:30 PM  
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I'm very sorry about your loss. My furry babies give so much joy to my life they are so important for me.Your Odie gave you many years of joy! I feel your pain and sadness, hang in there sister.
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Old 08-23-11, 08:37 PM  
Debbie S.
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(((buttons))) I'm so sorry for your loss. Truly we are. So many of us have been in your shoes, and we know the pain you are going through. You must let yourself grieve. Losing a fur child is like losing any loved one. I have always said that outdoor walking is nature's Prozac. If possible, try switching it up by walking outdoors. The fresh air will do wonders.

DeeDee, I'm so sorry for you loss, too!
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Walking is Nature's Prozac!
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