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Old 08-24-11, 12:59 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: Maryland
Buttons, I'm so sorry about your loss. When you have a furry friend for that long it is so hard to lose them. It's okay to be sad, just give yourself some time. I once had a black cat named Coco. She was my constant companion. If I sat down, she was in my lap. She slept under the covers with me and was always with me. When she died I cried for 3 days straight. I missed her so much. If you have pictures of Odie, you could make a little photo album. That helped me alot when Coco passed. Although I've had many cats since, she will always have a special plaace in my heart.

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Old 08-25-11, 12:39 AM  
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I've read all your replies and appreciate all that you have shared...of your own pain of loss, your support of my grief and encouraging words to be open...I would luv to reply to each of you today but am a bit drained...

on further thought last eveing, I am sure that the intensity of this has been amplified by monthly hormonal swing and I have hope that next week will be better...I will then try to reply more specifically and as suggested maybe share some of Odie's awesomness....

one thing I noticed through this....
it seems that once this grief is shared it does ease a bit...
and I see that the sharing also allows us all to express our ongoing luv of our furr babies past & present....
I am touched & thank you all so much for the gift of sharing....
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Old 08-25-11, 06:21 AM  
Join Date: Oct 2010
Buttons, I just wanted to send you a virtual hug. It is so tough losing a fury family member and especially one that has been in your life for so long. You gave Odie the best life he could have had. He will forever be in your heart. I lost my little Baxter a couple of months ago and we just had a real close call with our Sunny Bear but luckily he is doing good. Your not alone in experiencing this pain and we are all here if you need a shoulder to cry on.
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Old 08-25-11, 12:25 PM  
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Here's a hug from me too. I have lost cats and dogs and it has really broken my heart. It feels like a hole in the chest. You can't believe that life goes on normal around you. Maybe one day you don't cry as much, but you never forget how much you love them or they loved you. I have had many wonderful dog and kitty friends in my life. They have each been special. One never can replace the other and they are each different. When you think you might be able to open your heart again, it would be great to share your life with another cat. You won't believe the amount of joy that another animal can give you. It will be different and it will take time. Then down the road a bit you have another friend for life. Not a friend that will take the place of your beloved, but someone new who will help you feel a little happy all over again.
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Old 08-25-11, 01:44 PM  
Helen S
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I'm sorry to everyone that lost their furrbabies recently. My family also lost a long time friend. We had Sasha when my DD was two. She is now 18. Sasha was a cross between a lab and a Chow. She looked like a black bear. She passed away last month. However, we can tell that she was having a difficult time. She was losing her sight and hearing. Last winter, the cold was not good for her arthritis. My husband hand to lift her up and carry her so that she could eat, drink, and get moving since she couldn't do it on her own (and she was a heavy dog). When it got that cold, she would also limp. I know that she is in a better place. We buried her in the mountains in a beautiful site.
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Old 08-25-11, 01:50 PM  
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Hugs to everyone who is grieving. How wonderful to be able to come to VF and share our joys and sorrows. Like Alta, I know I'll see my beloved pets again.
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Old 08-25-11, 02:16 PM  
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Hey Buttons, it is very difficult to lose a furbaby and especially after the years you had with Odie. My Minnie lasted 18 years and left a large hole in my heart. I know how you feel and wish we all could have had a lifetime with our furbabies so that we would not miss any of them as we do.

Hugs and a kick in the butt too - Get working out!!!! It is good to get "Happy Head" when mourning the loss of a furbaby!
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